NOM Trip #1: Malacca (Part 1 – Aunty Koh Cendol)

Hi food gnomes!

Picking a first post is hard. So many awesome places and foods to choose from. So after running through all the options, we have decided to start it off with a food trip. This is not only the first food post, but the first ever NOM Trip!

Malacca is a great destination to visit in Malaysia. People who have gone there will tell you about how  Malacca is known for its history. For those of you not privy to the secret location of this state, here it is, illustrated in the diagram below:

Malacca: Highlighted in GREEN
Malacca: Highlighted in GREEN


Upon reaching Malacca, one has to re-hydrate. Off for some famous Cendol!!!


This is the most famous of Cendols in Malacca: Aunty Koh Cendol. It’s a dessert shop within the compound of a house close to town. Parking within is abundant.

Meet Aunty Koh!
Meet Aunty Koh!




This is TAIBAR!!!!
This is TAIBAR!!!!


Food NOM opinion:

Gnome 1: The Cendol is really nice, especially if you like fresh ‘santan [coconut milk]. Gives it a very refreshing taste. Oh yeah, and did I mention that I wasn’t a fan of Cendol before this? Not really a fan of the taibar, though.

Gnome 2: Taibar is “rice flour noodles” eaten with sugar syrup. The sugar syrup provides the sweetness to otherwise bland rice flour. If one is a real fan of ‘Gula Melaka’ (brown sugar), then one will find taibar disappointing.

I did think the Cendol was nice as well, but the ‘santan‘ : Gula Melaka ratio could’ve been better. Lacks some sweetness.

The Price Table Aunty Koh uses for bulk orders
The Price Table Aunty Koh uses for bulk orders


Clean up after you are done
Clean up after you are done


Oh, in a masterstroke of cost saving, Aunty Koh Cendol enforces practices a “Wash up after you are done” policy. That way, the shop saves a great deal on washing labour, and we get to practice our dish-washing skills!

What do I need to know to enjoy such a meal? 😀

  • Location: N2 14.804 E102 11.516 (GPS) Bukit Rambai
  • Operating hours: 12 p.m. until sold out (that happens really fast)
  • Price: Cendol – RM 3.50 per bowl, Taibar – RM2.50 per bowl

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