Deal of the Day! – White House Kitchen


As usual, just like everyday, Gnome 2 spends her time visiting sites which offers awesome vouchers. But just last week, a friend of hers told her about this voucher from Living Social for White House Kitchen in Kota Damansara.

Location is just nice, but it serves American cuisine. And just so you know, Gnome 2 isn’t a big fan of American cuisine (burgers, steaks, chops, etc). So she just chucked the idea aside until she stumbled upon White House Kitchen yesterday while on the way to Dapur Penyet for dinner.

Men’s best friend, Google, revealed that White House Kitchen used to be called Kennedy’s Grill and the food is exceptionally good and it comes in big portions. So this has caught both gnomes’ attention!

With another voucher bought, we are hyped to hop over to White House Kitchen for some yum yum dinner! Vouchers can be found here and we will let you know what we think!

p/s : I’ve gotta stop buying vouchers already!


3 thoughts on “Deal of the Day! – White House Kitchen

  1. Hey Gnome 2,

    I’d Suggest checking out the Facebook page ( to get you Salivating. White House Kitchen was formerly Kennedy’s Grill. We’ve taken it over and we’ve now given it a Personal touch with a taste of Family goodness.

    If you’re dropping by, do buzz me via our facebook page messaging… I’d love to give you the Low Down of the place and the food. 🙂



  2. Hello Sanjeev!

    It’s awesome to hear from you. And yes, we just checked out your FB page and we are salivating already! (though we just had dinner). We are planning to drop by sometime soon (to use the voucher and of course, to review the great and awesome food that we have heard so much about!).

    Will buzz you over FB when we have decided when to drop by! Thank you so much for your support and visit here and we await the day to try the glorious food at White House Kitchen!

    The gNOMes.

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