Rosemary Bites, Aman Suria [CLOSED DOWN]

Early this month, we introduced our first ever ‘Deal of the Day’ featuring Rosemary Bites at Aman Suria and purchased RM120 worth of vouchers. Made a reservation for 3 (including gNOMe 2’s brother) for a hearty dinner after work and WE WERE NOT DISAPPOINTED! One can only call to make reservations during their working hours, which are between 11am – 3pm or 6pm – 10pm. As previously mentioned, Rosemary Bites is located at Aman Suria alongside the more famous Betty’s Midwest Kitchen and Kayu Nasi Kandar.

The sign could do with some night time lighting, no?
The sign could do with some night time lighting, no?


Looking at the front of the shop gave us the first clue as to why it is less raved about as its more illustrious neighbors. One might have to purposely search in order to find the shop.

Stepping in, we found that there was no one to great us or show us to our seats. Perhaps it was due to being short-staffed, as the previous time we visited Rosemary Bites we were practically whisked off the street into the shop by a very friendly waiter with a great sales pitch. We were passed the menu, and took a good 10 minutes to decide what to order. They had a ‘Specials’ board hung up by the wall and we decided to pick the ‘Specials of the Day’.

Menu with a delightful logo.


Mushroom soup with mushroom overload!


Up first was our mushroom soup (RM6.90). Unlike your regular out-of-the-campbell-soup-can, this mushroom soup packs a punch! Fresh mushroom bits are spotted floating in this rather thick and creamy concoction. Dunk in a few drops of Tabasco sauce and you are good to go! All 3 of us enjoyed the soup and were eagerly waiting for the next dish. Oh yeah, the garlic bread was also deceptively flavorful!

say “escargot”


Okay, we’re not gonna claim to be experts in french cuisine and all that. So we might as well put it out there.. WE HAVE NEVER HAD ESCARGOT BEFORE. That being said, the snails tasted sufficiently juicy and not rubbery like bad cockles. But the cream cheese + garlic sauce really seals the deal for this dish. Price for this delicacy – RM 16.90

Presentation aside, this dish takes home all the medals


First main course : Special Lamb with Mint Salsa Sauce (RM24.90). I have to say this dish is worth every penny that we forked out. The meat was cooked medium, and it came out so tender and oh so juicy. Upon ingestion, our tastebuds erupted in jubillee and the heavens rejoiced. The meat was so well marinated and seasoned, so good that you can eat it on its own! The mint salsa sauce makes for a good dip, yet none is needed when you have marination as good at this. The salad was fresh, tossed with some rather sour tasting sauce which somewhat oddly complemented the otherwise bland greens. The mashed potatoes was a welcome addition to this hearty platter.

Columbus Lamb Chop


The Columbus Lamb Chop (RM21.80) was ordered Medium Rare – Just the way gNOMe 1 likes it. The steak comes with a very nicely-made mushroom cream sauce, salad, topped off with some surprisingly good hot chips. The lamb was soft, tender and bloody (awwww yeah)!! If not for the Lamb Special, this would be our dish of the day.

A rather uncommon form of Spaghetti Aglio Olio


Special Spicy Seafood Spaghetti Aglio Olio (everything here is ‘special’, isn’t it?) was served next. Priced at RM18.90, this dish has a generous portion of spaghetti, heaps of diced green pepper, a few prawns, mussels, mushrooms and tomatoes. The texture of the spaghetti was slightly softer than the usual Al Dante texture, but nevertheless, still good as it is. The diced green peppers and mushrooms added flavor to the dish. Prawns and mussels were pretty fresh, and overall, this dish was pretty decent to our tastebuds.

One more for the hungry gNOMes!


After checking foursquare, the ‘Rosemary’s Roasted Chicken’ (RM16.90) seemed like a number 1 choice for most people. It came served with the mashed potatoes, salad and the buttermilk sauce. We were given the drumstick, and it was grilled lightly with herbs for flavoring. This dish particularly didn’t stand out much for us as it reminded us of Kenny Roger’s Roasted Chicken. However, the buttermilk sauce has an interesting taste to it and rather complements the chicken. Chicken was tender and juicy, grilled just right.

One does not simply end a hearty meal without desserts.


During the previous visit, we wanted to try their ‘Special Apple Crumble’ and it was sold out. Looks like we faced the same fate this round too! So we had to settle with their ‘Special Brownie with Ice Cream’ (RM7.90). The brownie was served hot with a scoop of melting vanilla ice cream. Although the brownie was alright on the chocolate-o-meter, but it wasn’t as moist as expected. The vanilla ice cream was just pretty normal in our humble opinions. I guess we need to keep our fingers crossed for the apple crumble instead when we visit the next time!


But we suppose that overall the verdict is that this shop is severely UNDERRATED. More people should be walking in to try out the food. Compared to other restaurants of a similar range, they have managed to offer the better NOM for Dollar. Definitely worth a second and third visit. 🙂

OH one thing we forgot to mention was that the CLASSIC LEMONADE is definitely worth a try! Sorry we didn’t get to photograph it as we were too engrossed in the wonderful food here.

How to get there:

Aman Suria Damansara
A-G-28, Ground Floor, Block A, Jalan PJU 1/43, Aman Suria Damansara, Petaling Jaya, , 47301

For bookings: 03-7805 2088

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