Three Little Pigs & the Big Bad Wolf, Bangsar

Three Little Pigs!
Three Little Pigs! (photo courtesy of their FB page)


Bangsar seems to have lots of great food and restaurants, and this is one of them! Introducing The Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf @ Bangsar Village I.

We all know how driving in Bangsar is like. Usually it’s a chore just to drive there. But this place is definitely worth the drive, and here’s why!



Eggs Benedict. With pork bacon on toasted bread – RM 18

Look.Stare.try not to drool.drool.more drools.

What can we say more about eggs benedict? Just give me runny yolk any day and I’ll say your egg is great. TBH it wasn’t the greatest we’ve had out there, but it’s fit for it’s purpose and a good way to start the meal.


Wolf's Favorite
Wolf’s Favorite


The Wolf’s Favorite – RM27.

Gnome 2: Recommended by many on 4sq as well as the waiter who attended to us, this plate of carbonara pasta with PORKY GOODNESS can whip up your appetite in no time. Carbonara pastas are usually a big no no for us as the sauce tends to get abit overwhelming after the 10th mouthful. But not for this dish. It came with smoked pork bacon, button mushrooms, crispy pork bacons and guess what, an egg benedict! The texture of the spaghetti was alright, button mushrooms were fragrant, and the pork bacons were grilled nicely. Every munch brings out the crunchiness and the porky goodness. However, the egg benedict was a bit overcooked, as you can see from the picture. Nevertheless, the combination was just lovely. Topped it with Tabasco sauce, this makes a really good meal. *burp

Pork Lover's Aglio e Olio
Pork Lover’s Aglio e Olio


Pork Lover’s Aglio e Olio – RM 27 – We knew we were up for something good when the waiter remarked “Excellent choice, sir” upon hearing the order.

Gnome 1: Armed with special meatball, siew yuk (roast pork, chinese style), smoked bacon, tossed till fragrant is some delightful olive oil, this dish really takes home the prize. To me it really was unexpectedly better than the already highly-rated Wolf’s Favorite. Everything from the texture of the spaghetti, to the degree of which the bacon was smoked, just combined to bring a taste that really HITS HOME.

CONCLUSION – Did we mention that this place is non-halal? (The name should give an idea!) This place is really worth a try. Fire away and order anything, go home satisfied and wanting more. A second visit is definitely on our agenda.


p.s. Just a little tip, having the word “pigs” in the shop name, please eat the porky stuff.. DO NOT go there just to have some fish n chips! I think you get the drift..


How to get there:

Lot G1A, Ground Floor, Bangsar Village, No. 1, Jalan Telawi Satu, Bangsar Baru
Kuala Lumpur. 59100

Or you can click on this link.




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