Andes BYO, Aman Suria

In the pursuit of grilled burgers, we have come across many well-recommended burgers, from the very highly-rated Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw, to the severely underrated FGB. This place ranks among the popular options.

Restoran Andes BYO is located in Aman Suria, came highly-recommended to us by friends, recently we even found out that it was owned by the relative of a friend. In your hunt for the best grilled burgers in Malaysia, this is one place you must try before reaching your verdict.

Andes BYO
Andes BYO

Famed for their pork burgers (apparently the best in PJ!), pork burger worshippers lovers may choose either the Pork Burger (RM15.90) or the Aussie Burger – a combination of pork and beef patty (RM15.90). Since gnome 2 was there with several friends, we ordered both the Pork Burger and the Aussie Burger as well as the Mamma Mia! Carbonara.

But first up is the mushroom soup. Mushroom soup is one of our favorite starters to order. So we have quite a good basis for comparison. All of us food lovers out there, we know when we have been taken for a ride (like being served Campbell Mushroom Soup instead of self-made). This was one of the instances. Served out of a processed can, this was not what we wanted to pay for. Definitely pales in comparison to other self-made soups-of-the-day.

Mushroom soup with croutons
Mushroom soup with croutons – RM 5.90

The salad was also equally as unimpressive. No dressings, no croutons, none of the usual things that make up a good caesar salad. Gnome 2 was sad and disappointed, being a lover of good salads. The cost – RM 7.90

Mommy says to eat your greens every meal!
Mommy says to eat your greens every meal!

The Mamma Mia! Spaghetti Carbonara (RM15.90) was served with tender boiled bacon, in a creamy thick sauce. The combination was actually pretty good, considering one gets tired easily halfway through a plate of carbonara. It is among one of the better carbonara spaghetti dishes that gnome 2 has tried. After the 2 initial disappointing starters, this came as quite a pleasant surprise.

Mamma Mia Carbonara with bacon
Mamma Mia Carbonara with bacon

Finally, here comes my Aussie Burger. Presentation wise, it wasn’t impressive enough to make me go gaga over the burger at first glance. The burger consists of lightly toasted sesame seed buns, caramelized onions, mayo, a huge and thick pork+beef patty. And the sides? Some super cheapo and lousy fries. Gnome 1 would have complaint of the tasteless, cold fries if he was around.

Aussie Burger with fries
Aussie Burger with fries

The hype and the craze is that the patty has cheese INSIDE of the patty which will ooze out when you take a bite/cut the burger. Take a look.

See the cheese? Say ohhhhh.
See the cheese? Say ohhhhh.

See the cheese? As yes, the cheese was oozing out like mad and was actually flooding the plate. But as a cheese lover (though Gnome 2 may not tell the differences between cheeses if blindfolded). the cheese in the patty actually lacks CHEESY GOODNESS! The cheese barely tasted like one, it was more bland. Though the patty was thick and huge, it was pretty dry and the patty was actually hard especially at the sides (i.e. uneven cooking). But the combination of beef+pork was rather decent. Marination was done at a minimum, not very flavorful.

As for Pork Burger, I’d say I’ll pass as the patty has this really unpleasant porky taste and smell, which I believe will turn off many. All in all, I believe they could have done better with the burgers though having cheese in the middle of the patty is a great move.

Best pork burger in PJ? I’d say no. Try Cristang and tell me what you think. Cristang still wins hands down.

Another burger joint off the bucket list!

How to get there:

Address: Restoran Andes, K-G-11, PJU1/43, Petaling Jaya, 47301, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 47301

or click this link.

Bookings/Reservations: 03-7804 3732


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