Andes BYO, Aman Suria

We truly apologize for the lack of updates. So here goes! On gNOMe 2’s first time visit to Andes, she was thoroughly disappointed with the food quality albeit hearing plenty about this place. Since gNOMe 1 has not been here, so both gNOMes paid another visit to Andes, for gNOMe 1 to feast and for gNOMe 2 to do justice to this place.


The usuals were ordered, particularly because Andes is famous for their Pork/Aussie burger and because gNOMe 2 likes the carbonara.

The Aussie burger needs no introduction (you may read it here) and finally, we actually got to taste how a good Andes burger should be. The patty was overflowing with steaming melted cheese and the patty itself wasn’t over cooked. Sides were a little burnt but you gotta cut them some slack when the you have to grill such thick patty and make sure everything’s cooked thoroughly. Caramelized onions just topped it off. But we both agreed on this. Still serving cheapo, cold, uninteresting fries! 😦

Aussie Burger
Aussie Burger


Cut 'em up!
Cut ’em up!


They also offer lunch/dinner sets at prices ranging from RM7.90 to RM10. It’s literally eating kids menu, smaller portions, and comes with drinks. We ordered the spaghetti carbonara set, and it comes with either iced water/iced tea/ice cream.

Mamma Mia Carbonara
Mamma Mia Carbonara


Nevertheless, the mamma mia gNOMe 2 had the first time was better, this kid’s set has minimal bacon bits and mushrooms. Oh well, if you compare it to KL standard for the price, guess you can’t complain much huh? Iced tea was tea based flavoured water.

Verdict = Burger was good, but still not the best in PJ. Tell us what do you think!

How to get there: Address: Restoran Andes, K-G-11, PJU1/43, Petaling Jaya, 47301, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 47301

Bookings/Reservations: 03-7804 3732


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