Nasi Lalapan – Muara Restaurant, Miri

Yes this time we bring you this particularly awesome food all the way from Miri. Shall say it again, it’s super awesome. Plenty of our Miri friends can testify to this, and they always complain of missing home and of course, missing lalapan. We were intrigued so we scheduled a trip to Miri itself to find out what is this dish all about.

Located at Miri WaterFront Commercial Centre, the shop was rather a quiet one (not really bustling with activities) and it looks really down to earth, just like your neighbourhood Malay eatery. Nothing fancy. Plenty of car parks available.

muara restaurant (courtesy of aiezatt)
Muara Restaurant (courtesy of 4sq)

We were there on a rainy day, plopped ourselves on the chairs and proceeded to order. They have all sorts of Nasi Lalapan there, from Nasi Lalapan Bawal, Nasi Lalapan Empel (beef) to Nasi Lalapan Lele (cat fish).

Food was then served.

Nasi Lalapan Ayam
Nasi Lalapan Ayam (RM9)


Looks pretty normal huh? Looks can be deceiving! You may think that this looks like your average Nasi Ayam Penyet, but it’s just different!

Clockwise from top : White Cabbage, Raw Long Beans, Cucumbers, Lime, Tofu, Tempeh (fermented soy), Chicken!, and Boiled Spinach. And the sambal in the middle.

How to eat lalapan:

#1. You squeeze the lime over the sambal to give it a hot/spicy sourish taste (yummy I tell you! the more lime the better!)

#2. You may ask for the sweet sauce as a dip, to counter the spiciness of the sambal


The chicken was rather alright, tasted pretty normal. Not too oily, pretty succulent, meat was tender. But the meat was rather too little to go with the rice though. Nothing much to shout about. Next came the bawal (pomfret).

Nasi Lalapan Bawal! (ok minus the nasi and the sides)
Nasi Lalapan Bawal! (ok minus the nasi and the sides)


And we apologized for the blurry picture! We were just too absorbed in the goodness of the food, thus the picture was rather taken pretty abruptly. The fish is priced per gram, for a fish that size, we were charged close to RM20. But mind you, the fish tasted just as good as gNOMe 2’s mum’s home cooked fried pomfret.

The fish was loaded with meat, skin was crunchy, not too oily, and super fresh. gNOMe 1 and 2 enjoyed the fish SO MUCH that we ordered another one right after we swallowed this whole! Coupled with the sambal (not spicy for us but our friends could hardly breathe), this meal is just perfect. You can opt to eat without the rice, but the rice is just secondary.

They have the cheek to call themselves ‘The Founder of Lalapan’ and indeed, there are no qualms about it.

If you happen to be in Miri, please, I instruct you to give the food here a try. You wouldn’t regret 😉 Have fun burning your tongue!

How to get there:

Muara Restoran
Lot 1306, Miri WaterFront Commercial Centre,
98000 Miri,

Or call:

Handphone: 6 0168827370
Handphone: 6 0146834050
Handphone: 6 0198068876


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