Nadeje, Dataran 3 2 (3 2 Square), PJ

Finally, the long overdue post is up!

Both gNOMes are huge lovers of Mille Crepe. Mille (meaning one thousand) Crepes (derived from the Latin word “crispa“) originated from France, and is usually made out of wheat flour or buckwheat flour.  Mille Crepes are usually many crepes stacked on top one another, usually up to 20 layers with cream fillings in between. Talk about hard work.

We found this treasure during our high school days, and was ever more willing to travel to Melaka just for this when we had a car. Doing detours to Melaka on our way down to JB is very much common. From their humble shop at Plaza Mahkota to their 2nd branch at Dataran Pahlawan and 3rd one at Jaya 99, we were both worshippers avid lovers of Nadaje Mille Crepe.

When their 4th branch opened at Dataran 3 2, Petaling Jaya, we were literally jumping for joy! Imagine saving tons on petrol and toll alone driving all the way to Melaka. Nadaje opened early this year, and of course we weren’t there during the first few months to avoid the crowd!

Once the crowd mellowed down, armed with our groupon, Nadaje, here we come! *hope you have had your meal lest you want to salivate! And oh, a slice typically costs between RM9-RM10. Every RM15 of purchase earns you a stamp, every 10 stamps earn you a free slice on your next visit!



#1. Original Mille Crepe



The Holy Grail of Crepe cakes. The crepe cake of all crepe cakes, armed with a healthy dose of vanilla, precise layers of egg base wheat sandwiching the cream which gives life to the whole mixture. Every bite is just oh-so-satisfying. Yes till now no other crepes can beat this. Crepe is not too creamy, not too overpowering. Moist, just the way we liked it. Rest be assured you can finish one slice on its own without having to share!


#2. Rum n Raisin

“Haiya why no picture one?” Sorry guys but the Rum n Raisin Mille Crepe looks exactly like the Original Mille Crepe, with occasional bits of raisins. Your typical flavoured rum and raisin mille crepe. Not too much of the rum, not too much of the raisins. In fact at times this taste like original mille crepe to us.


#3. Cheese

Like both of its siblings above, Cheese Mille Crepe looks the same, just with the addition of cheese. Made out of New Zealand Cream Cheese and Homemade Lemon Jam, the cheese flavour was just nice, and not too sweet. A good substitute to the original mille crepe and also if you are a fan of cheese.


#4. Strawberry Chocolate

Strawberry Chocolate
Strawberry Chocolate


Look how the layers are so carefully put in place. Fairly generous helpings of strawberry slices on each slice of cake (any more generous and you are going to have to DIY). Strawberry chocolate sounds like a great idea and does its job sufficiently. Nothing much to shout about. Neither the chocolate nor the strawberry stood out. However the gnomes still prefer the superior original mille crepe.


#5. Royal Milk Tea

Royal Milk Tea


Royal Milk Tea is indeed royal. The milkiness is rich enough to satisfy the senses and yet not overwhelming. A very welcome alternative for those who grow weary of the original mille crepe. Imagine having a cup of Gong Cha Roasted Milk Tea in pastry form. Ok perhaps not till Gong Cha level but this crepe took us by surprise.


#6. Malacca



Malacca is exactly what you imagine it to be.. yes. Gula Melaka (brown sugar), with a hint of coconut taste. We expected the Gula Melaka to be overpowering, but to our surprise it wasn’t at all. However as we can remember, the gnomes didn’t quite enjoy this one. A little too “experimental fusion” for our liking.


#7. Berry Berry Strawberry

Berry Berry Strawberry


Berry berry good! Hmmm but for gNOMe 2, this doesn’t quite cut it. Still, nothing stood out. Perhaps that’s because she’s not into any strawberry based food.


#8. Praline Lover

Praline Lover

The praline taste was subtle. The vanilla cream actually stood out more. This was just so-so.

You can view the long list of yummylicious cakes here. Looks like we’ve got another 10 more flavours to try! And oh, the gNOMes will hop over to HB (Humble Beginnings) soon to try their famous crepes!

How to get there:

B-01-01, Dataran 3 Two Square, Jalan 19/1, Section 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel No : 03-79600025.

Operation Hours:
Daily : 11:00am – 10:00pm

Or check this out for their other branches in Melaka.

Have fun satisfying your sweet tooth cravings!

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