Marutama Ra-men, Avenue K

A year and a half ago, Avenue K was as good as dead. There weren’t anything nice to see, what more to shop. The only pull factors there was Fitness First (for the health conscious) and Grappa (Italian Cuisine).

After the renovation, Avenue K got a new face lift. They now have quite a handful of eateries, fashion stores (yes H&M!) and one of the anchor tenants, “presto”, a place to shop for groceries.

Both gNOMes were there on Monday night, after watching Thor. And gNOMe 1 wanted to try to non-halal ramen shop at Avenue K, which lead us to Marutama Ramen.

Marutama Ramen
Marutama Ramen

Fairly unfamiliar to the both of us, we browse through their menu and found out that:

1. They have 17 different types of ramen

2. Their ramen broth/soup is chicken based

When we saw that their ramen was chicken based, we were skeptical. How can chicken based ramen taste better/on par with pork based ramen? Nevertheless, we had a go.

Nama Karashi Ra-men
Nama Karashi Ra-men


gNOMe 1 ordered Nama Karashi Ra-men (RM19), which is spicy chicken soup ra-men with a slice of roast pork, seaweed and spring onion. The chicken broth looks pretty decent, but when you take a mouthful, there is a spicy taste that lingers.

Having tried some pretty good ramen, the soup base doesn’t quite cut it, to be honest. The broth contains none of the thickness nor the flavor to satisfy the trained taste bud. At RM 19, if we really take a good look at the composition, we can see that for 1 slice of pork this is grossly overpriced. The taste was fairly interesting, but was a disappointment overall.

Aka Ra-men
Aka Ra-men


gNOMe 2’s was Aka Ra-men (RM23), which is 7 kinds of groundnuts mixture with chicken soup, chicken meatballs, seaweed, spring onion, pickled radish, coriander and lemon. First impression, does look tasty! And the 7 kinds of groundnut mixture is the pull factor for gNOMe 2 to order this. The broth was subtle in the nutty flavour, not too salty nor oily. The noodle texture was more or less like your wantan mee noodles, which was just so-so. Chicken meatball was bad, it doesn’t have any flavouring, more like eating bland minced chicken meat. But nevertheless the lemon gave it a zesty taste to the broth, which was nice. gNOMe 2 asked for another lemon slice cause that one was all dried up due to being in the fridge for too long.

So this lemon came


Half of a lemon. And oh, did i mention they charge me RM2 for extra lemon? When the previous slice did not have much juice? We tried squeezing out the juice and alas, this did not contain much juice too. Just about 5 drops? We were furious. We asked for an exchange because they had the audacity to bill us RM2 for half a lemon!

*gNOMe 2 is still fuming while writing this

The second lemon came, and thankfully, has enough LEMON JUICE now. Nevertheless we still think they shouldn’t be charging us for the lemon. You may give me a smaller slice, or at least PROVIDE A LEMON SLICE WHICH ACTUALLY HAS LEMON JUICE! (if you want to save cost, that is).

We ordered Tamago Eggs as sides, as our orders did not have eggs.

Tamago Eggs and chillie
Tamago Eggs and chilli


The tamago eggs (RM2) were nicely done, though taste wise, we still prefer Menya Mushashi’s. Chilli was spicy! (that we love) and it went nicely with the ramen. They provide fried shallots as well, for you to add to your liking.

For drinks we had green tea (RM2 each), and we can brew better green tea at home.

Verdict : If you want good ramen, don’t bother going there. Try Goku Raku Ramen (MidValley branch) or if your wallet permits, Menya Mushashi. Actually, price wise, just top up another RM 5-6 and you can get a good bowl of Menya Mushashi that is sure not to fail you. Oh, and did we mention that a piece of dried lemon here costs RM 2?????

How to get here (to Avenue K):

Address: 156, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Nearest LRT/MONORAIL: LRT (KLCC Station)
Opening Hours: Open daily, 10am-10pm


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