Dining In The Dark, Changkat Bukit Bintang

Yes you read it right! Hyped up, much talked about. The very first in KL, Malaysia.

Finally we got our hands on the experience. We got the deal over Living Social, and we were actually glad that we bought it! The deal was introduced by gNOMe 2’s brother. With another 2 friends and 2 vouchers in the bag, we headed over to Changkat BB last wednesday.

Changkat BB is a place for everything. In short, entertainment at its best. You may dine, drink, pick up chicks here. The place is not that hard to locate, just beside Werner’s at Changkat. It is located upstairs so only the banner, signboard and the waiters will greet you below.



Waiting lounge
Waiting lounge


We were then ushered into the waiting lounge while waiting for our tables to be set up. The lounge is lightly lit, with soft music playing behind. They have rather comfortable cushions/sofa for you to chill and relax with your friends. Also, they provide games for you to play! Here comes the interesting part.

Games for the kids. Not!
Games for the kids. Not!


Ok these games are pretty common. Please tell me you have at least played it before. No? 😦

Easy games you may say. But try putting on A BLINDFOLD! So we put on the blindfold and had our friends guide us. See the different shapes of the blocks? Not easy I tell you. Communication (hearing) and your hand (touch) is vital here. And for the rice+bean game above, you got to search for the paper clips in the midst of everything, blindfolded! Not easy again and your touch sense comes into play. And we actually think that the paperclip game is the harder one in comparison.

While playing with our games, we were served with our pre-dinner drinks. You get a choice of cranberry juice (Left) or passion fruit vodka (Right).

Ta da!
Ta da!


Besides, we were also served with herb baked bread, just to fill our rumbling tummies. The bread was soft, and still warm, and yummy of course!

Glorious bread!
Glorious bread!


We were then given a menu each that explains our food journey for tonight.



We will be going up for the appetizers, soups, mains, then lastly, dessert. 4 course meal in total. The whole package is priced at RM98++ and will be increased to RM118++ come 1st December 2013. Our reservations were at 9pm, but we were only ushered in close to 10pm. You are advised to be there at least 15 minutes earlier to enjoy your pre dinner drinks 🙂

‘Okay you are good to go!’ said Lisa, the person-in-charge.

We were all very excited and eager to barge through the door. We were advised to keep our belongings, particularly handphones, watches or anything that can project light.

Thong, our kind waiter then emerged from the door. ‘Are you ready? Please, make a line by holding on to the shoulder of the person in front of you’.

Here we go. And the rest was history
Here we go. And the rest was history


Oh, just so you know, the waiters there are all visually impaired. There are no waiters in there who use night vision googles to serve food. Thong led us in, as we progressed further, everything went pitch black.

We can hear noises, particularly people talking, laughing, back ground music playing, but we can’t tell what are they doing, eating, or even how they look like! The place seats 50 people, and we have no idea how close/far we are to the next table. The one source of light? The soft red light from CCTVs. They have CCTVs to monitor the customers and for security purposes.

Our senses were enhanced immediately, especially our hearing. We can hear people shuffle by, and can hear Thong when he arrived with our food.

First up were the appetizers. We had a total of 4 different types of appetizers. Nevertheless, yummy! Senses critical here : TASTE, SMELL. Of course you can touch it if you decide to eat with your friends. Trust me, even in the dark, eating with your fork and spoon isn’t that hard.

Next, came the soup. 2 different types. And we loved one of the soups in particular that we actually hoped we had more.

Then the mains. 3 different mains. Cooked just nicely. Relatively big portions too especially we had so many appetizers and soups before this.

Finally, the desserts. 5 different types. From cold to hot desserts. By then, gNOMe 2 was stuffed!

We had a relatively easy time identifying most of the dishes (the main ingredients only of course). It’s like suddenly all your senses come alive. A thing or two to learn from this experience :

  1. Treasure your sight!
  2. We still have a few ways to go if we wanna consider a career in food tasting!

The whole experience was around 1 hour and 30 mins, so by the time we got out, it was midnight and we had to catch a cab home. Nevertheless, we were very pleased with the whole experience. It is also worth coming back as they change the menu monthly.

Oh, and one bonus point is that they cater to the different needs of almost every diner (allergies, vegans, etc.).

Verdict : We recommend this place for the unusual experience. Splurge a little more than usual and you will feel how the blind experience life day to day. The experience itself makes it worthwhile coming here. Tasting and trying to determine what you have been served is highly amusing!

How to get there :

Address : 50 Changkat Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

 Phone : +603 2110 0431
E-mail : customerservice@dininginthedarkkl.com
or visit their website here.

p/s : Apologies, we cannot give out the menu here, so you can be surprised yourself!


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