Chakri Palace, Pavilion

Thai Food has always been gNOMe 2’s top 3 choices of cuisine. Tell me, who doesn’t like spicy food? Add with a tinge a lime/lemon/asam juice, such combination will surely burst out in flavours.

Imagine gNOMe 2’s joy when dinner was at Chakri Palace, Pavilion a few days ago.

Chakri Palace
Chakri Palace


Chakri Palace lives by the tag line ‘The Best Thai Cuisine in Malaysia’ / ‘Best Thai Food in Malaysia. Such boldness! Known for their rather pricey menu, nevertheless people still flock there for thai food. They also have a sister outlet, Chakri Xpress for those who like it quick and fast. Just so you know, their chefs are personally hand-picked from all over Thailand!

Joyce greeted us from the front entrance and sat the both of us in a 4 seater table. Flipped open the menu, made decisions for Joyce to take our orders. Oh, if you like to dine at Chakri, make sure you do your bookings! They only allow walk ins before 6pm, anything after 7pm is only for bookings alone.

We actually made our bookings one week in advance, but to our dismay they forgot our bookings and we were forced to come at 6pm as walk ins. And we felt that Joyce was a little rude to us when we some time to decide on what to order. Mind you, the restaurant only had one table at that time.

Anyways, we ordered 4 types of dishes.

Of course, the order-this-dish-you-must would be the thai tom yam. Red tom yam or the colorless one is purely up to you. We had the seafood red tom yam (RM15.90).

Tom Yam Talay
Tom Yam Talay


The tom yam, for gNOMe 1 was spot on, with the correct balance of spiciness and sourness. Seafood was very fresh, and the broth was rather appetizing. On the other hand, though gNOMe 2 found the seafood yummy, but the broth just doesn’t cut it. It was lacking the spiciness and the sourly taste that a good bowl of tom yam should taste like.

2nd dish was the green curry chicken (RM 29.90). It was filled with plenty of aubergines and long beans. The chicken was tender, and they were quite generous with the amount. Broth wise, the green curry was sub par. It was neither thick, doesn’t have much coconut milk and green chillies that it should have. If we ever make another visit to Chakri, we wouldn’t be having this for the second time.

Green curry chicken with brinjals and long beans
Green curry chicken with aubergines and long beans


Next, we ordered Kuey Teow Phed (RM22.90). It’s basically kuey teow with slices of duck in delicious broth. First spoonful, we think it was delish! Although the keoy teow is just your normal kuey teow, it was boiled so much that the keoy teow was super soft and literally tears on the first bite. Duck slices were sweet and tender. The broth was exceptionally tasty, with a hint of spices albeit a little bit salty. After many mouthfuls of the soup, we were both super thirsty! We were literally gulping down water like no other. So it was either too much MSG or too much salt.

Keow Teow Phed
Kuey Teow Phed


Guess you don’t need an introduction to Pad Thai (RM22.90)? It’s gNOMe 2’s favourite Thai dish because it will be really yummy if you add the correct amount of chili powder and lime juice! Commonly found in the streets of Thailand, Pad Thai is stir fried rice noodles with eggs, fish sauce, garlic, prawns, chicken, onions and is usually served with chopped roasted peanuts and lime.

Pad Thai
Pad Thai


The portion was huge, enough to be shared by 2 small eaters. We asked for extra lime and doused the Pad Thai with it. Noodles were tasty albeit the pale color. The seasoning and the garnishing were just perfect together. But the setback here was the prawns were not fresh. That’s the spoiler of this dish. But nevertheless, we loved this dish! One of the best we have had! Just so you know, gNOMe 1 is NOT a big fan of Pad Thai thanks to some prominent ingredients like onions, cabbage, bean sprouts, prawns but he said ‘THIS ONE IS WORTH COMING BACK FOR!’.

We were stuffed at the end of the night, but had to go searching for refreshing drinks.

Verdict : Food was good, we recommend you to try this place out if only your wallet permits. Beware of the excessive usage of MSG or salt in their food though.

How to get there:

Address : Lot C4.06.01, Level 4, Pavilion, 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Opens daily: 12:00pm – 11:00pm

Telephone : 03-2143 1141

Email :

Website :



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