I Love Yoo!, Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights, Seaweed Club, SS2 Goreng Pisang, Ninja Joe, Eat & Happy Yong Tau Foo, Bisou Bake Shop, Mr Cendol @ Wonder Food Adventure, 1 Utama

Our first food review invite! Yay! Woo hoo! Courtesy of The Butterfly Project Malaysia and 1Utama, the gNOMes were invited for a gastronomic adventure to discover the hidden gems in One Utama. Have you heard that 1Utama, World’s 4th Largest Mall is listed as “World’s Best 12 Shopping Cities on CNN”? Now you do!

So this month is Wonder Food month in 1Utama, from 4th-24th November. What to eat? A total of 15 mind blasting eateries to savour from.

LG Promenade: SS2 Goreng Pisang, Ninja Joe, Seaweed Club, I Love Yoo, Eat & Happy Yong Tau Foo, Oyster King, Bisou, Mr Cendol, Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh, Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights.

LG Highstreet: Lameeya, BBQ Chicken, Food Box, Vivo American Pizza and Panini, and Lava.

For reals right? :O

Let’s go!

For the 1st time! – I Love Yoo!

First time trying. I Love Yoo! specializes in ‘breakfast’ meals, such as porridge, yau char kwai, buns, sesame balls, etc which are usually found in coffee shops. But nonetheless you can have I Love Yoo! pretty anytime, anyday. They give a modern touch to the traditional breakfast meals.



Verdict : Food is pretty alright. Give it a try if you haven’t!

Location : LG117/Lower Ground Floor

Contact : +603-7726 8010


2nd chance – Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights

‘Ko Hyang’ means home. In Korean language. Basically, the objective of this eatery is to bring you home cooked korean delights! Now, who wants some Soon Du Bu Jiggae (RM15.90), Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap (RM17.90), and Yuk Gae Jang (RM18.90)?

Verdict : For a big fan of Korean, Ko Hyang just made the cut. Not too shabby nor too fancy.

Location : LG116/Lower Ground Floor


3rd time lucky – Seaweed Club

Really, like the saying, Seaweed Club’s a charm. A rather humble shop that we have spotted before but never intended to try. Lo and behold, the popiah is mind blasting! Literally. It’s packed with so much goodness thanks to the fresh ingredients. Juicy yam bean, spring roll, special sauce, crispy crispy, fresh cucumber, crunchy carrot and roasted seaweed is such a perfect combination.

Current promotion : 2 rolls for RM6 with a free drink. Not bad huh?


Verdict : Literally caught me off guard. Loved the popiah! 🙂 Personal favourite : tuna, jujuba+longan+wolfberry tea!

Location : LGK103A/Lower Ground Floor


Food 4 thought –  SS2 Goreng Pisang

Famed for the fried banana fritters, customers can opt to choose from banana fritters, fried yam balls, friend nian gao and many more for a light afternoon snack. Or even after a long day of shopping.

Verdict : Pisang goreng was surprisingly good, just a tad too oily. Crispy though.

Location : LGK112/Lower Ground Floor


Gimme 5! – Ninja Joe

Ninja Joe’s has always been a favorite spot for those who crave pork burger. Originated from Japan for its’ quick serve concept, Ninja Joe’s the place to be if you want good and rather, cheap pork burgers (comparatively to other gourmet restaurants). Ninja Joe recently revamped its’ menu, now boasting at least 10 different pork burgers to choose from. The latest in the menu, the Hikkori burger (RM13 ala carte, RM15 set).

Verdict : The Hikkori Burger is somewhat pretty yummy. Though a little bit small for that price.

Location : LGK113/Lower Ground Floor


6th sense – Eat & Happy Yong Tau Foo

A variety of home made yong tau foo for you to choose from. Brinjals with stuffed meat, fish balls, fried fu chok, fish cakes, you name it, they have it. Priced at RM1.50 each, eat the yong tau foo just in plain soup or fork out a little bit more for some noodles.


Verdict : Yong Tau Foo was pretty decent for a first try.

Location : LGK115/Lower Ground Floor

Contact : 03-7726 8010


7th Heaven – Bisou Bake Shop

7th heaven. Period. Who doesn’t like cupcakes? Okay minus the carbs. Cupcakes are like beautiful sins. So yummy yet so sinful. Visit Bisou when you have your cravings and you will be spoilt for choices. So many cupcakes to choose from (usually priced at RM8 each) and the ‘Cupcake of the Month’ is really tempting! Bisou doesn’t only sell cupcakes, they also tempt you with cakes. Drool away!

Verdict : Cupcakes are heavenly. But on the sweet side!

Location : LGK105/Lower Ground Floor

Contact : +603-7728 6525


Mysterious 8 – Mr Cendol

Mr Cendol was incorporated in 1952 and came from the very humble Sitiawan, Perak. From the name itself, one may think Mr Cendol only serves cendol, duh. Don’t be fooled! They also serve their in house delicacies like Mee Rebus, Laksa, Nasi Lemak and the likes.

Verdict : The cendol is just below par. Even with the addition of gula melaka, none of the cendols make the cut.

Location : LGK109/Lower Ground Floor

Contact : +603-7726 8010


Phew! 8 down and 7 more to go! Check out Part 2 for more om nom nom goodness. 😀


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