Vivo American Pizza and Panini, BBQ Chicken, Oyster King, Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh, Food Box, Molten Lava, Lammeeya @ Wonder Food Adventure, 1 Utama

Do you actually know that there are A LOT of food choices here at 1Utama? You will be spoilt for choices! Head over to the lower ground level and go crazy!

Check out Part 1 for more om nom nom goodness! Go crazy and swipe your ONECARD everywhere. And the journey continues!


On cloud 9 – Vivo American Pizza and Panini

Started from the Horrigan’s family secret which serves the best American style pizza, Vivo, coupled with latest technology, brings pizza to a whole new level. Besides pizzas, Vivo is famed for their panini, main course and desserts. Smoked Chicken BBQ (RM21.90), Teriyaki Chicken Chop (RM16.90), Volcanic Chocolate with Ice Cream (RM15.90), Vivo has it all.

Verdict : Volcanic Chocolate with Ice Cream was heavenly. Rich and creamy. Though they can improve on the vanilla ice cream.

Location : LG311B/Lower Ground Floor

Contact : +603-7732 9799


nine out of 10 – BBQ Chicken

This BBQ acronym, suprisingly, doesn’t stand for Bar-Be-Que, but instead, it’s BEST of the BEST QUALITY. Geddit now? 🙂 Originated from Korea in 1995, the company now boasts more than 4000 outlets worldwide. And oh, it has the one and only Chicken University! That is where they do R&D and improvised on their menu.

Their key strength : Using fresh chicken instead of frozen ones, and frying them with olive oil.

Verdict : Just like the phrase, BBQ Chicken gets 9 out of 10. The chicken was fresh and absolutely delicious. Not oily, and well marinated.

Location : LG323-323A/Lower Ground Floor

Contact : +603-7727 0619


11th hour – Oyster King

The name itself will definitely tell you that they are good at fried oysters. O-chien, a must try dish whenever one visits Penang or Melaka although both o-chien are totally different texture wise. Penang o-chien, is a little on the ‘wet’ side, usually laden with plenty of batter and egg, with oysters hidden in between. On the other hand, Melaka o-chien is fried till golden brown, crispy, and crumbles at the first bite.

Verdict : O-chein is cooked based on the Penang style, for those who crave for Penang style o-chien, this is the place to be.

Location : LGK113/Lower Ground Floor

Contact : +603-7808 2668


12th Target – Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh

Originated from Klang, Pao Xiang now has more than 10 outlets all over the country. Pork lover? Drop by Pao Xiang and be blinded by the wide array of bak kut teh dishes. From the pai kut (ribs), sam chan bak (3 layer pork), nui kut (soft bone), tua kut (big bone), stomach, one will be spoilt for choices. Dishes range from RM12.50 – RM50.

Verdict : Bak kut teh soup was flavourful and sweet, topped with tender meat. Perfect on a rainy day.

Location : P282/Lower Ground Floor

Contact : +603-7725 2599


13th Warrior – Food Box

Run by a humble family, Food Box offers local chinese delicacies. Big fans of Kuih Ko Ci? Or Rice Bowl Cake, more commonly known as ‘Zhui Kuih‘? Missing mum’s good ol’ home cooked meals in contrast to the MSG-laden hawker food offered almost everywhere else?

Verdict : Stop by Food Box if you miss home cooked food!

Location : LG312C/Lower Ground Floor

Contact : +603-7726 8010


14th on the Richter Scale – Molten Lava

A fairly new eatery as compared to the rest, Molten Lava caters to the sweet tooth. Get churros, macaroons or even sink your teeth in their famous funnel cake.

Verdict : Cinnamon churros were surprisingly good. Just the right amount of batter and cinnamon. Prefer Molten’s over Churos Royale anytime.

Location : LG333A/Lower Ground Floor

Contact : +603-7727 4877


15th Attempt – Lammeeya

Not only well known for the in house ‘Lam Mee’ specialty, Lammeeya also serves other noodles and rice delicacies under its’ wings. Feeling a little bit under the weather? Lammeeya has got home cooked boiled soups to cater to your needs.

Verdict : Did not make it in time to try this last one. Next time, perhaps? 😉

Location : LG333A/Lower Ground Floor

Contact : +603-7727 4877


Phew! Truly relieving the dreams of a food junkie. So much to eat yet so little time.

Heartfelt thanks to Tammy from The Butterfly Project Malaysia and 1Utama for hosting such a great event. Not forgetting, the awesome goodie bag! 😀

A RM50 gift card! 😀

Be rewarded with endless shopping privileges with ONECARD, 1Utama’s official privilege card. Earn 1 Upoint for every RM1 spent at ONECARD participating outlets. Accumulate, redeem UPoints to pay for instant purchases, meals, services and entertainment.

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Now go sign up already! 😀

Many thanks once again to The Butterfly Project Malaysia and 1Utama. You made my day 🙂



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