Dave’s Bistro & Bar Grill, 1Utama



Ever since introduced by a good friend, both gNOMes have been big fans of Dave’s Bistro & Bar Grill. Another trivia : gNOMe 2’s favourite food is pasta!


They serve one of the best pasta in town. Period. Pork-based pasta. What more can you ask for. Drive over to 1 Utama to fulfil your cravings.

Go there, order anything pork and we can be sure you won’t be disappointed. So many visits there, yet we never encountered anything unpleasant. In fact, we can almost guarantee everything on the menu is lovely.

Chef Darren Chin can easily whip up a storm and in no time, you will be digging into your meals.


Dave’s pastas used to be on 50% discount during weekdays from 12 noon till 3pm, but lately, their pastas are only on 30% discounts. Such sadness but hey, if you are willing to fork for good food, good food it is that you will get!

Spaghetti Bolognaise with Bacon and Mushrooms


We can never get enough of their pastas. Cooked al dente, its quality gives a whole new meaning to even the most routine of dishes (tomato-based sauce). The Spaghetti Bolognaise with Bacon and Mushrooms (RM29) looks like something just anyone can prepare, but hey if you want to test the overall quality of the place, even the most simple of dishes ought to be outstanding. Bacon bits are crunchy and the mushroom is so fragrant. Combining these with thick tomato sauce, a superb plate of Spaghetti Bolognaise is born.

Top it off with some TABASCO to give it the OOMPH! However gNOMe 1 rates the sauce highly enough that he could even eat the dish without TABASCO sauce!!


This time, instead of gorging on two plates of pasta, we decided to try their gourmet sandwiches. Introducing, the Croque Madame (RM24)!


Fresh sandwich cuts baked with emmental cheesy goodness, with layers of pork ham and bechamel sauce sandwiched in between. Topped off with a sunny side up and salad on the sides.



One can feel every ingredient on his/her tastebuds at first bite. The sensation of baked cheese and nicely-done ham is enough to send the food gNOMes to a very happy place indeed. Although, it is not without fault. For those who aren’t so fond of bread crust, beware. Do cut off the hard crust before consuming, but do so carefully as not to waste the precious baked cheese.

Really, if you are willing to fork out some moolah, this is the place to be. We have tried various type of Dave’s pasta (be it tomato based sauce, carbonara or even aglio olios), Dave’s pastas are just simply brilliant. Pigs in a blanket? They serve ’em here to, sweet and savoury. Mushroom soup? Thick and most of all, they don’t skimp on the mushrooms.

GREAT food, good service. Pastas are to die for.

Verdict : Highly recommended for good dining experience. But be prepared when the bill comes. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

How to get here :

Address : G209, Ground Floor Promenade, 1Utama Shopping Centre

Contact : 03-7725 4017


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