Ipoh Big Tree Noodles, SS2, PJ

Big Tree Ipoh. A super famous yong tau foo place in Ipoh if one craves for it. Why Big Tree? Because literally the shedded stall is beneath a huge tree.  A few big trees. Ipoh-ans flock there, outstation foodies go there. A must visit place when one is in Ipoh. It is that good that it’s even on My Trip Advisor. Food is good, cheap and has a standard. At RM0.70 per piece, one has the tendency to go overboard and stuff oneself to the brim! But beware of the hot and crowded environment that you may experience.

So the management then decided to open another branch in SS2, Petaling Jaya. Hurray for good yong tau foo!

But perhaps not so in this case!

The gNOMes, being up for trying anything, decided to pay a visit to the newly-opened shop.


The shop was fairly packed, almost all tables were occupied. Turnover rate was pretty high too. Customers come and go, and the management laughs all the way to the bank.

It was pretty stuffy inside, considering the fact that they cook and fry their yong tau foo within the shop vicinity. Ventilation was pretty poor, so gNOMes would recommend you to sit further outside.


Priced at RM1 per piece each, this place surprisingly lacks in variety! A quick scan told us that they only have up to a maximum of 8 types! Since there were 2 of us, we had to literally repeat our orders.

We chose curry noodles (RM3.50) to go with our yong tau foo. Fried ones are served separately, fish balls and the like are dumped into MSG laden clear soup. One has the option to choose from dried curry noodles, curry noodles in soup, laksa, plain soup.


The curry noodles was highly disappointing, it actually lacks taste. Curry wasn’t thick, doesn’t even taste like what curry should taste like. It is more like spiced flavoured water. Noodles were alright, boiled just right. They gave us half of a lime to make the soup sour, but it still didn’t make it any better though.

We ordered the meat stuffed in chilli, fish ball, meat balls, bitter gourd with meat, and some fried fu chok.


That’s the amount of food we both had that night. 😦 That’s cause there weren’t anything to choose from. Fish/Meat balls were chewy, more flour than the supposed fish/meat stuffing. The bitter gourd with meat was just so so. So is the fried fu chok. Nevertheless, only the meat in chilli pick was the best of the lot. The chilli was surprisingly super spicy, so even if the meat was tasteless, it fetched some gNOMe points. Both gNOMes loved the chilli because it was spicy. And the chilli dip that came was the yong tau foo was pretty decent too. (WARNING: Very spicy! Even for gNOMe standards – Which is actually very high!)

Verdict : Nevertheless, we shall not be paying this place a visit again. Unless they have decided to buck up on their food.

How to get there:

Address : Jalan Ss2/67, 47100, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 47300, Malaysia (same row as Subway)
Phone: +60 3-7873 0429

9 thoughts on “Ipoh Big Tree Noodles, SS2, PJ

  1. Ipoh sedap not really nice. Below average. Anyway ipoh big tree food has improved alot as I went to try the food last night.

    1. Hi Hansen! We have yet to try Ipoh Sedap though. Will blog about it once we have tried! Oh, we are glad they have improved. Perhaps we will drop them a visit again in the future. Thanks for the tip!

  2. It seems that this is fake, not from the original branch. If you were to go to the Ipoh and check out their signboards, you’ll get what I mean. They stated clearly they have no branch in KL at all. So it’s deceiving…

  3. agree!! big tree ss2 sucks!! i was hugely disappointed with the variety and the taste. to be honest ive never quite tasted yong tau fu as bad as this big tree ss2. when i went there the stuffings were mixed with pork and not fish alone. i asked the proprietor why is that so and he said with pork, the texture of the paste is better. my foot. sucks to the max! never will i go there again.

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