Claypot Station, Kota Damansara

Now. For those of you who are ‘forced’ to find a living in KL, we bet you guys must miss home huh?

The comfort of your bed, smelly pillow, family, and mum’s home cooked food! No preservatives, no MSG, just pure, healthy food. Combining good, choicest ingredients and mum’s magical hands, voila! taste buds and tummy are pleased in no time.

Now now, most of the time, both gNOMes miss good food. Especially when the both of them hail from JB and Penang. And when they are sick of MSG laden food.

Situated at Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, Claypot Station Restaurant holds true to their mantra of ‘MSG Free Food’. Ever since exposed to MSG, food that are without MSG is usually labelled to be BLAND. Oh my tastebuds.


Along the lines of ‘MSG Free Food’ is Noodle Shack. The food was rather ‘bland’, so we were sure of not putting our hopes too high. Heck, we were even preparing for the worst.

The place was rather humble, nothing too fancy. The owner hangs several motivational /religious sayings near the counter and even had a donation box set up for customers to raise funds for the unprivileged. They had quite a variety of chicken/pork based dishes.

Several reviews on 4sq rated their Fa Tiu chicken good. Fa Tiu chicken it is then!



Chicken pieces cooked till tender, and juicy, in thick black soy sauce with Fa Tiu wine. Served in a claypot, this dish was bubbling hot when served. Perfect on a cold, rainy night. The aroma was pleasing, with a hint of Fa Tiu wine aroma adrift in mid air. Chicken was well cooked, juicy and the amount of meat was generous. The black sauce on its own could be a little bit salty, mix it with rice and you are good to go. Sauce is thick, rather strong, and slightly sweet. RM13.90 (small), RM19.90 (medium), RM26.00 (large).

Soup was served next. A bowl of hot soup once again, on a rainy day. Sealing the deal.


We had the Soup Vegetable ToFu soup. RM8 (small), RM12 (medium), RM15.90 (large). The cook used preserved vegetables, carrots, black fungus, pork strips and pieces of homemade tofu to make this dish. The preserved vege gives the soup a hint of sourness, yet not too much. Sweetness came from the pork strips, carrots and black fungus. For those who love sweet and sour soup, this one will suit you. Due to no MSG, soup was rather ‘light‘, and not too flavourful.


The third course was the sweet potato cooked with garlic. RM8.90 (small), RM12 (medium), RM15.90 (large). We actually loved sweet potato cooked with sambal, but unfortunately they don’t have that choice. This dish was pretty mediocre, the greens were fresh but the stir fried dish barely brings out any flavour. Nevertheless, it was a great addition to the meal in terms of variety.

Verdict : Indeed Claypot Station holds true to their words. We barely felt thirsty after our meals. A lot of varieties for a change. Recommended for good ‘home cooked food’ based meals.

How to get there:

Address : No 23-1, Jalan PJU 5/12 Dataran Sunway PJU 5 Kota Damansara Petaling Jaya Selangor, 47810, Malaysia

Phone number : +603-6148 1030

Opening hours :

Mon.-Sun. 11:00-15:30 (Lunch)
Mon.-Sun. 17:30-23:00 (Dinner)


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