Shin Tokyo Sushi/Ramen Ten, Jaya 33

Shin Tokyo Sushi means ‘New Tokyo Sushi‘ in Japanese. Hailing from our neighboring country, Singapore, this sushi outlet serves HALAL sushi. Yes that’s right! But that also means the absence of alcoholic beverages and sake. Found under the Ramen Ten Group, Shin Tokyo Sushi serves sushi meanwhile Ramen Ten serves ramen! *duh

Recently opened at Jaya 33 in September 2013, one can relish a meal of either sushi/sashimi or ramen. Or even both! That’s like killing two birds with one stone.

The outlet looks rather decent from the outside, with quite a number of patrons enjoying their meals.

A quick flip over their menu shows that they have a rather wide variety of ramen and sushi. The ever smiling waited actually recommended their best selling ramen, which was the Crayfish Ramen and the Salmon Ramen.

Lo and behold, the Spicy Salmon Dry Ramen (RM18.80). The ramen texture was smooth, cooked al dente. The sauce was a combination of chilli flakes with fried shallots. The salmon was rather thick, but fried and is accompanied by raw bean sprouts, lettuce and spring onion garnishing.

First bite tells you that indeed, the ramen is spicy but not overwhelming. For those of you who cannot take spicy food, this might be challenging. But for those of you who can, this shouldn’t be a problem. Although the ramen texture was nice, the sauce was too salty for gNOMe 2’s tastebuds. It was actually pretty overpowering till it feels like forever to finish the ramen. Salmon was fried too much, making it too dry, and nevertheless, too salty. Finishing this was a real challenge.

Service was commendable, waiters were very friendly and is always at your service when called. But beware of the buzzing flies that will annoy you like no other. There were 1-2 flies buzzing around while gNOMe 2 was feasting, the waiters had to come over to swat them away. Talk about annoyance.

Their salmon sashimi was also on the ‘RECOMMENDED’ list. What’s a Japanese meal without sashimi?

5 slabs of salmon sashimi, priced at RM 11.80. gNOMe 2 was taken aback when the sashimi was served together with the ice pack. Sweet sauce will be served upon request. And once again, the sweet sauce tasted rather salty than sweet. 😦 Sashimi was fresh, but it was bland. It is baffling that the sashimi tasted bland/tasteless. gNOMe 2 doesn’t want to make any quick judgements here and would neither be quick to pay for this in the near future.

Sushi are priced a little higher than other low end Japanese eateries. gNOMe 2 did not manage to try the sushi, but let us know what you think!

Verdict : The service at Shin Tokyo Sushi/Ramen Ten is rather praise worthy. But nevertheless, we won’t be too hasty to step foot in this place again.

How to get there :

Address : Lot PG-02B, Ground Floor, Jaya 33, Jalan Semangat, Section 13, PJ

Contact : 03-7490 5737


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