Wong Solo, Kampung Baru

Now this is what you call, the epitome of ayam penyet.

Quoting gNOMe 1 ‘Once you have tried this, the rest is a lie’.

One of the things we thank God and Indonesians for – Nasi Ayam Penyet.

Situated at a very busy Jalan Raja Alang at Kampung Baru, this humble shop boasts of good ayam penyet. Wong (meaning people) typically means that the founder of Wong Solo hails from Solo, Indonesia. Shop is always filled to the brim during office lunch hours. Mind you, parking is scarce here but people still flock here. One tip : If you need to go there, go on Fridays. But be warned they close after 12.50pm to perform Friday prayers.

Ever since introduced by colleagues, we never looked back.

Greeting you would be smiling waiters in songkok and waitress in matching uniforms. The interior of the shop might be a little bit stuffy, so if you sweat rather heavily when you nom on spicy food, we suggest you to sit outside. Placed on the table is one bottle of chilli sambal and one bottle of black kicap (sauce). NOT your ordinary sambal nor sauce!

The sambal is so mind-numbingly spicy that most people we dine in have to go through agony. But if one is a bit fan of chilli and can take Chilli Rush’s Level 10 (bhut jolokia) chicken wings, this shouldn’t be a problem. The black kicap, however offer a way out. Mildly spicy and sweet, this makes a good substitute for the chilli hot sambal.

Wong Solo only has 5 main meals, typically their Ayam Penyet (Smashed Chicken), Ayam Bakar (Grilled Chicken), Ayam Goreng (Fried Chicken), Pecal Lele (Smashed Catfish), and Empel Sapi (Smashed Beef). But plenty of ala carte side dishes to compliment the meal.

After ordering too many rounds of Ayam Penyet, this time, we decided to try their Pecal Lele!

The Ayam Penyet set (RM10.90) comes with mineral water (a must have!), tempeh, tofu, rice, and brinjals as sides. The chicken served in Wong Solo is typically smaller than usual but the taste is just top notch. The chicken is grilled till tender, yet the skin outside is crispy, making the it very fragnant and palatable. The spiced chilli on top of the chicken is lightly fried, giving it a burnt taste yet remaining its’ spiciness.

The Pecal Lele set is also priced at RM10.90 with the exact side dish. Fried just right, the skin of the catfish is so crunchy and the meat, so soft and so tender. The bones are so crunchy that you might actually chomp them down too! Love catfish? This is a must try!

Balado Terung (Chilli Brinjals) is priced at RM7.50. Why order this when it is already served with the set meal? Because this is so good! For somebody who doesn’t like brinjals, gNOMe 2 is in loved with this. Cooked till mushy in rather spicy sauce and shallots, this makes a perfect side dish. The only down side to this dish is that it’s pretty oily. But who cares? OM NOM NOM!

Verdict : Of all the Ayam Penyets we have tried, we love this and Ayam Penyet AP. However this one edges it out because of the unique taste of its chilli paste and overall chicken aroma! To try the more famous shop, head on to their Ampang branch.

How to get there :

Address : No.57 Jln Raja Alang Kampung Baru, 50300 Kuala Lumpur

Contact : 03-2691 1680


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