Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf, Tropicana City Mall

Yes. The second branch of the famed Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf is now at Tropicana City Mall (otherwise known as TCM). PJ peeps scream! 😀

We had a pleasant visit to their main branch at Bangsar, thus, we expected just as much as the one here at TCM.

The queue to get a seat is never ending, and on our second try, lady luck was on our side as we were seated almost immediately.

Armed with empty, growling stomachs, we were spoilt for so many ‘porky‘ delights. We decided to kick start the beautiful Sunday afternoon with some Eggs Royale (RM20).

Eggs benedict cooked just nice, with a rather generous portion of smoked salmon doused with cream cheese on fresh baguette. The salmon was smoked to perfection and the yolk oozing out is just a perfect bite. However, gNOMe 2 felt that the cream cheese was a little heavy on the cream side and the butter was a little bit too strong.

After craving for good pastas, the Wolf’s Favourite (RM29) is a MUST!

Exactly the same as the one they served in Bangsar, we felt that, this one at TCM is pretty dry. The pasta wasn’t al dente enough, and the carbonara sauce was quite little. Nevertheless, the mushrooms and bacon bits were beautiful. And since this place is pretty new (they opened on the 6th of Dec), they do not have TABASCO! 😦 Now this saddens both gNOMes but fret not you omnomnom-nivores, they will have Tabasco on their shelves soon! Although the gNOMes do note that it’s rather hard to judge this dish without the Tabasco sauce.

Third course to fill our bellies is Piggies Rolling In The Mud (RM25). This dish is basically baked cheese rice with pork cutlets on top in Japanese curry.

The pork cutlets were juicy, lightly deep fried, but slightly hard, probably due to the baking. The Japanese curry is just your average tasting curry but the cheese was pretty generous. The set back of this dish is that the rice was overbaked until it became quite hard to even munch on. Both gNOMes struggled through this and we even had to throw some of the rice away. 😦 To summarize this dish in plain terms: Siew Yuk (salted roasted pork) with baked cheese rice + some Japanese curry.

To end the luncheon, we pampered ourselves with some PB&J milkshake (RM16)! We have been wanting to try this ever since our Bangsar trip, and finally, here it is!

Done just right. Not too thick nor too diluted. Thick PB&J milkshake will make one feel “muak” (meaning to be cloyed with an excess of something until one becomes sick of it) after a few sips. This one was flavourful and has the correct proportions of peanut butter and jelly!

Or desserts instead?

Next time perhaps!
Next time perhaps!

The gNOMes were too full, probably from the cheesy baked rice that we had not the stomach for desserts. Next time perhaps!

Verdict : In general, this new shop deserves a chance. Seeing as they have not completely setup yet (they have no Tabasco!!), the quality in general still pales in comparison to the Bangsar one. Many people on 4sq have complained about the service but we haven’t seen any of that sort; in fact the service that day was brilliant. Perhaps they are still under-staffed or something. We would recommend to give the shop some time before actually going to try it out.

How to get there :

Address : G-35, Tropicana City Mall, No. 3, Jalan SS 20/27, Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47400

Contact : 03-7722 3561 (Booking is not available, oddly enough)

Opening hours : As per TCM’s (10am – 10pm)


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