Quar/tet, TTDI

Finally, another new coffee joint at TTDI. Alongside Mukha, Kaffe Coffee, Pickle & Fig, Quar/tet opened its’ doors to public in October, fulfilling one’s cravings for English breakfast and coffee.

All 4 owners of Quar/tet come from various bands, hence the name. Located at a strategic spot, parking is easier to come by.

Without a signboard, it may be pretty hard to locate this humble eatery.

The designing spots a modern look and rather comfy. Interior is air conditioned, but the exterior might be a little bit warm on a hot day. A little quaint spot, perfect to spend lazy weekends. Go there in shorts and flip flops, spend hours slouched eating and reading and unwind. 🙂 

They have an impressive collection of vinyls, along the likes of Amy Winehouse, Placebo and Florence & The Machine. Hipster much huh?

A selection of pastries and house bottled drinks greet you as you enter.

Printed in simple matching black and white designs, the menu is rather simple, sporting around 10 mains and beverages the rest.

Takeaways, yes?

Flat White (RM9). Not a coffee connoisseur, but a close friend commented that the Flat White has the standards of Artisan, though the foam bubbles might be a little bit too big/rough.

Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Bagel going for RM16 with side salad. The bagel was soft with a surprisingly generous amount of cream cheese. The salmon was fresh and lightly smoked. Salad with dressing was yummy, making this dish delectable.

Turkey Ham Cheese Toastie (RM15). Bread was toasted till crisp brown, making the sides crispy but yet soft and warm in the middle. Half a slice of turkey ham each, with cheese melted right above. Just one thing. One could have do more with turkey ham and melted cheese.

Big Breakky (RM19). Typical English Big Breakfast though this portion is actually slightly smaller than what we expected it to be. Very simple presentation nonetheless. This dish was just alright, with the soft bun taking the home run. It was pleasantly surprising warm and very soft. Pretty yummy albeit plain. Sauteed mushrooms were quite yummy, though a little more seasoning would do it justice. Poached eggs were quite bland, so pair it with Tabasco to give it some oomph. Perhaps first timers would do better with ordering the Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Bagel or the French Toast (RM12).

And oh, we tried their moist chocolate cake (RM10). The top of the cake was moist but the middle part was pretty dry. Perhaps they can buck up on this and really make it moist, living up to its name. 🙂

Verdict : Food is alright, though not particularly mouth-watering. Keeping our fingers crossed they will expand their menu soon!

How to get there :

Address : 21, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 7, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

Contact : +6012-390 1735

Opening hours : Opens daily from 8am till 9pm


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