Kam Heong Braised Duck Rice, PJ State

Looking for a hearty dinner? Or better yet, good duck rice?

Opens only at night, many will throng to PJ state to devour their favourite Kam Heong Braised Duck Rice. In the mornings, this coffee shop boasts of good Penang Prawn Mee and Wan Tan Mee, but when night falls, it’s a fowl (pun intended!) affair.

We were there around 6.30pm, and the place was full house already! Since there were only both of us, getting a table was relatively easy. gNOMe tips : Come early for dinner to get good seats!

Once seated, the workers will immediately arrive at your table to get your orders. No menu though. Duck, preserved vegetables, braised eggs, mushrooms, intestines, vinegar pork. Tell them the portion and food will be served in no time!

Braised duck in thick loh (gravy). The “fowl” sight (not again!) made us drool. The duck was braised beautifully that it was tender and tasty. Combining with a plate of aromatic rice and duck gravy, this meal is yummy alright! The duck meat did not have too much fat, duck skin was flavourful. A piece or two doesn’t hurt the dieting regime huh? 😉 Try the duck together with the sambal/chilli combo, without it the experience is not complete.

We did not try the porridge though, just the rice. It was fragrant, tasty even though it was not the usual dark-colored flavored rice. The texture was just nice. But oh, a word of caution, hygiene ain’t at its best here! Since gNOMe 2 did not order rice, the worker brought over an empty plate which happened to have a baby roach on it. MASSIVE TURN OFF! And wipe the utensils, at times you may find food bits stucked.

Go for this as a side dish. Salted preserved vegetables. It came plain but one thing interesting. It isn’t as salty as you would predict it to be, complementing the duck and the rice very well. You can also eat it on it’s own. Order this!

Verdict : A meal for two came up to about RM15.50. Not too expensive considering the price of a duck meal typically ranges around there. Tasty Teochew style (fairly) boneless duck makes a happy stomach. However the gNOMes could have done with bigger portions though.

How to get there :

Address : 8 Jalan Tengah, Off Jalan Yong Shook Lin, Petaling Jaya (beside UOB bank, opposite Menara MBPJ)

Contact : +6012-3835 567

Opening hours : 5pm – 10pm


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