[CLOSED] Kafe Tasty Delights ‘Farn Chum Mei’, SS4 PJ

Happy New Year folks! 😀

One pleasant morning we both received an email from a fellow food gNOMe suggesting two new places for us to try. Being the ever-eager food gNOMes we are, during the weekend we immediately went over to one of them.  

Located on the same row as famous Bentong Chicken Rice at Yat Yeh Hing facing the LDP, Kafe Tasty Delights ain’t hard to spot as its red walls scream for attention. Parking around there might be a little bit challenging, but nothing should stop you from good food huh? 😉

Mr Steven (the aforementioned food gNOMe) gladly recommended the pork noodles and the loh shi fan. Kafe Tasty Delights recently revealed their latest ‘Farn Chum Mei Special Stewed Pork Rice (RM12.90)‘ and ‘Farn Chum Mei Special Stewed Pork Noodles (RM12.90)‘ addition to their menu.

Being a big fan of soup noodles, both gNOMes immediately ordered the Famous Ah Soon Pork Noodles (RM8.90).

We first caught a whip of the aroma when the noodles were served. This bowl of oh-so-yummy noodles has a generous amount of home made pork balls and minced pork, with some vegetables to accompany the bihun. Soup was cooked together with pork lard making it very aromatic and delicious. Whips up our taste buds in no time! Coupled with spicy chilli padi, this dish is a delish. Easily the must-order item on the menu!

We also ordered their latest addition to the menu, ‘Farn Chum Mei Special Stewed Pork Noodles (RM12.90)’.

Noodles used are pretty similar to the noodles used in Wan Tan Mee. The fat chunks of pork were stewed with mushrooms and egg, then served together with noodles with some broth. Meat was stewed till tender, and combining with the generous layer of fat, you are bound to experience an explosion of goodness upon first bite. The layer of fats may not be to everyone’s liking, (due to it being, well, fats) but we sure cannot deny that it gives the noodles that bit of extra aroma that is oh-so-good. That being said, this dish pales in comparison with the soupy dish we had. That shows how good the pork ball soup noodles are.

We had their leong sui (herbal tea drink) for RM2.50 and their Wat-Wat Tau Fu Fa (RM2.80). They have 4 different flavours, particularly lemon, almond, durian and coconut pandan. Since they ran out of durian, we went for their coconut pandan instead.

The herbal drink is decent, not too diluted. As for the tau fu fa, it comes with sugar syrup, but sure to pour it in before consuming. The tau fu fa is soft, the combination of coconut and pandan is pleasant. Not too overwhelming on either side. This makes a good dessert after a bowl of yummylicious noodles. 😉

Verdict : The famous Ah Soon pork noodles makes a very suitable comfort food. Do try it out, definitely worth going and friendly to the pocket. Will be coming back here again soon!

How to get there :

Address : No 17, Jalan SS4D/2, 47301 Petaling Jaya (opposite St Ignatius Chuch)

Contact : +6012-605 6373

Opening hours : Everyday from 9am till 8.30pm (last orders at 8pm)


12 thoughts on “[CLOSED] Kafe Tasty Delights ‘Farn Chum Mei’, SS4 PJ

  1. Yes. I followed their FB page. Today I brought 3 Taiwanese suppliers of mine for lunch. They agreed it’s one of the best they have tried in Malaysia.

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