Thai Camp, Taman Paramount

So they say ‘third time’s a charm‘, but we beg to differ. Ours would be ‘Fourth Time’s The Charm’.

After spotting this new eatery at Taman Paramount serving Thai Cuisine, it has been our gNOMe mission to hop over for lunch/dinner. Our first try was incredibly patience-testing, we left after 40 minutes with empty stomachs as we had to rush to somewhere else. Second and third try proved futile as Thai Camp only serves dinner on weekends and is always closed on Mondays.

Finally, we got hold of them for dinner yesterday.

It’s located at Taman Paramount, facing the main road, just right beside Mei Yan Restaurant (or more fondly known as Green Wall!). Both gNOMes arrived at 7pm, which was perfect as they just opened for dinner.

A family business comprising of husband & wife act with the husband’s mum, Thai Camp serves Thai cuisine cooked by Thai people, so one may expect authentic Thai food. THAI-riffic we say! The chefs do not cook in batches, each and every dish is cooked individually so one is bound to wait if the place is packed to the brim.

We were recommended the Phad Prik Kaeng with Roasted Pork (RM18). Phad Prik is a fried Thai curry dish which is drier in comparison to other Thai curries and is usually cooked with red curry paste. This dish has a very generous amount of long beans with cabbage as sides. The red curry paste is home made, fragrant with a hint of spiciness. The roasted pork was thinly sliced and proved to be a good combination with the curry. Overall this dish was pretty yums!

What’s Thai food without Tom Yum?

Seafood Tom Yum (RM22). Both gNOMes ordered this instead of the clear tom yum as gNOMe 2 doesn’t fancy santan (coconut milk) based tom yum. 4 large prawns, squids, abalone mushrooms with tom yum paste soup makes up this dish. The soup particularly has a hint of santan, though not too overwhelming, but still pretty good. It wasn’t spicy for both of us though. A little more spicy would definitely earn more gNOMe points!

Stuffed Egg (RM13). This reminds both gNOMes of the Telur Bungkus back in Uni days. Minced pork and gravy is homemade, cooked with mixed vegetables and then wrapped in omelette. Gravy, vegetables and meat was in abundance, egg was fried till fragrant, making this dish  a comfort food.

Complete your meal with the Iced Pandan drink (RM2.50) or the Iced Lemongrass drink. Light, soothing and refreshing.

Verdict : Overall the meal is satisfying and tasty enough to warrant a return from the gNOMes. Excellent customer service as the owner even gave us free drinks as compensation when we couldn’t wait the first time round. However only go there if you have got some time to spare and you’re not famished.

How to get there :

Address : 37, Jalan 20/7, Taman Paramount, 46300 Petaling Jaya

Contact : +6012-345 1768

Opening hours : Mondays to Fridays (both lunch and dinner), Saturdays and Sundays (only dinner)


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