Steam N Grill Burger, SetiaWalk Puchong

Opening its doors to the Malaysian crowd in September 2013, Steam N Grill (SnG) Burger aims at providing the locals with healthy burgers with a Malaysian twist. Otak-otak burger you say? Serunding burger TOO? :O

A little background check on SnG tells us that they only use steam and grill methods to cook the patty, nothing fried to maintain and keep the flavour and juiciness intact. So rejoice you health warriors! The buns are made out of 100% natural yeast with no preservatives. In addition to that, they have 4 flavours to choose from – Original, Whole Meal, Charcoal and Spinach (yes! spinach blended, mushed and added into the yeast).

Located at Setiawalk, Puchong, this outlet is a little bit tough to spot. Time to put on the sleuth cap! The other outlets beside SnG have yet to open, so both gNOMes will give you some hints. It’s located above Affin Bank, and on the same row as Signature Hotel, facing the main highway. 😉

One step closer!

The place is brightly litted, with a cheerie ambiance. Apparently ready for the upcoming festivities.

One quick look on the menu tells you that besides the Otak-Otak and Serunding burgers, SnG has chicken/beef burgers and also Vegan mushroom burgers!

A set includes fries and soft drinks. Small eaters can opt for ala carte burgers.

One of SnG top favourites. The Serunding Burger. Ala carte at RM12, set at RM17. Both gNOMes chose the spinach flavoured buns to go with the serunding toppings. Buns were soft and fresh, though we could hardly taste spinach. One can spot the greenish tone in the buns. Serunding is also commonly known as floss, cooked with spices and is usually dry. The most common serunding is beef, and in this instance, the serunding is laced with home made sauce. The result is a nice, heavily-peppered pull burger that is juicy. The melted cheese adds a little bit of savoury to the whole mix as well. Warning though, it is best to enjoy this on an empty stomach as this burger is quite filling.

Another SnG favourite. The Otak-Otak burger. Ala carte at RM11, set at RM16. Both gNOMes decided to pair this with the charcoal buns instead. The buns were soft, we actually prefer this over the spinach-flavoured ones as they still had a more familiar aroma. The Otak-Otak filling although lacking a little in spiciness (DISCLAIMER: the gNOMes are chilli junkies), one could taste the fish within. They have a supplier who provides them with their fresh supply, however the gNOMes would prefer that they form the patties themselves as to give it a much less “processed” feel.

Herb tinged fries. The fries served are just your average processed crinkle fries, nothing too spectacular. Comes with tomato and chillie sauce, with mustard, wasabi and cheese dips. In our opinion perhaps they could have done better with the fries. The gNOMes always prefer natural cut style fries (ala Wendy’s or Carl’s Junior).

Customers may opt to end their meals with a sweet treat. Various ice cream flavours to choose from, nothing above RM10. Ice cream makes one happy, yes? 😉

Verdict : This place offers “localized” and juicy burgers. Only problem for people would be the location. It isn’t that easy to find. They do events and parties as well, so if one would like a place to hold a burger party, that’s an option. This place is HALAL as well.

How to get there :

Address : Lot J-03A-1, Block J, SetiaWalk, Persiaran Wawasan Puchong, Puchong, Selangor 47160. (Above Affin Bank, same row as Signature Hotel, facing the main highway)

Contact : +603-5880 4191

Opening hours : Closed on Mondays. Opens at 11:30am – 9:30pm on Tuesdays-Thursdays. Opens at 10:00am – 11:00pm on Fridays – Sundays.


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