The Myth Curry Fish Head, Farlim (Bandar Baru Air Itam), Penang

Yes, this post is solely blogged by gNOMe 2 as she has just recently returned home for Chinese New Year. But fret not, as gNOMe 1 will be contributing his input as he has had a fair share of this dish too!

Situated in a humble coffee at a corner of a busy street in Farlim lies a stall bustling with activities once the clock strikes 1800 hours. Locals staying around Farlim and Air Itam area are familiar with this so we would recommend for you to be there probably around 6.30pm or 7.00pm for dinner.

*Oh and on a side note, gNOMe 2’s brother thinks the Indian uncle’s mee goreng is pretty decent

Chef in action

Named, “The Myth”, one would get the expectation that the Fish Head Curry here is so good that it is something from legend. The decor of this shop is simple yet effective. The menu is pasted largely on the pillar as well as the chef’s ‘cooking kitchen‘.

Fresh fish in the cooler box

The main attraction here is the fish head curry and one glance around the shop would indicate most customers come for this special. Besides fish head, one may opt for thick fish slices or even stingrays. You can also pair your meal with fried chicken wings 🙂

This curry fish head concept is based on a Chinese culture where one pot/plate of fish curry is served and shared by as many as 3-4 pax at one go, making it a nice family food trip 🙂

One can choose the fish heads so be wise enough to choose the freshest among the lot! But most of the fish heads are usually fresh. The curry is thick, cooked with a combination of pounded fragrant spices. Tomatoes, okras and onions are thrown in to bring out the aroma and flavouring. The fish is cooked just nice, making the flesh soft yet edible. The curry is then finally topped with mint leaves and garnished with onions.

Verdict : By far, The Myth’s curry fish head has been both gNOMes’ number 1 favourite. We have yet to come across any better ones, please suggest if you have any that you advocate for!

How to get there :

Address : Both gNOMes are still searching for the name of the coffee shop. 😦 Nevertheless, waze/gps your goodself to Medan Angsana 3, Bandar Baru Air Itam, 11500 Penang and The Myth is just only opposite Old Town White Coffee.

Opening hours : After 1800 hours, till sold out. Closes on Wednesday thanks to Farlim Night Market.


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