Zhou Porridge Restaurant, SS2, PJ [CLOSED DOWN]

Situated in the heart of SS2, Zhou Porridge is the latest place people flock to for a porridge meal. Reason being, Zhou Porridge serves an array of congee with a twist in its flavours. Some notable fusion ones are Pumpkin Frog Porridge, Swiss Chicken Congee, Salmon Fish Congee, Beef & Egg Congee and the likes.

Interior is brightly litted, walls are decorated with huge posters and printings of their congee. So gNOMe 2 and her friend decided to try out their fusion porridges.


Priced at RM11.80, the Pumpkin & Frog porridge is a mixture of pumpkin based broth with frog legs. Served in a claypot, the broth is kept warm throughout your whole meal. One may add pepper, soy sauce and sesame seed oil for extra flavouring. The portion was quite big for small eaters though lacking the distinctive taste of the pumpkin. Even the frog bits were pretty little and scarce.

One’s usual comfort food. Braised Minced Meat and Egg congee (RM11.80). Contrary to the pictures shown in the menu, the minced meat and egg toppings were disappointing. There were barely and minced meat, what more the egg bits. 😦 Taste wise, it was alright.

Smarty pants us decided to order some Steamed Chicken (RM 8.90) as our side dish. Steamed Chicken with a hint of rice wine infused soy sauce. The chilli was pretty mediocre, the chicken was steamed till tender. The soy sauce wasn’t too salty, making this dish a nice side dish to go with the congee.

Verdict : The fusion porridge here is pretty mediocre. We would prefer if the congee came with more ingredients though. Food came pretty fast, service was alright. It was packed to the brim for dinner, so come early or make reservations! One may also opt for congee steamboat or the pork rice. They have a Buy 1, Free 1 for every congee set now. While stocks lasts!

How to get there :

Address : 3, Jalan SS2/64, Petaling Jaya, 47300 Selangor.

Contact number : +603-7865 5256

Opening hours : Mondays to Sundays, 1100 hours till 0000 hours.


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