Kaffe Cafe, TTDI

Another coffee/hangout joint in town. Opened in 2011, word has it that this place serves decent coffee and mains. Located behind Artisan Coffee and alongside Mukha and Sirisit, Kaffe Cafe spots a rather cosy interior, a spot for people to just sit back and sip on coffee.

Both gNOMes have been here before and have had their ‘Hot Malt Milk’ (RM11) on the go. It was pretty yummy, hot milk with malt sprinkled all over, reminded us both of good ol’ Nestum. Well in fact, it was pretty much Nestum revisited. Be careful of the flakes if you are planning to mix the malt, things can get pretty messy!

A wide range of beverages for one to choose from. Even an Essential “Dummies” Guide to Coffee 101 is displayed on the wall.

Not up for the mains or breakfast sets? Go for the pastries then!

Both gNOMes ordered 2 Big Breakfast sets (RM20 each), one Flat White (RM9) and one Hazelnut Latte (RM10).

The Big Breakfast set comes with toasted bread, beans, greens, eggs, beef pepperoni, chicken cocktail sausages, turkey ham, hash browns and some greens. Mushrooms are supposed to be part of the set but I guess they ran out of mushrooms. Presentation wise? Meh. Taste wise? It was alright, nothing to shout about though. One can pretty much make this on their own.

Flat White. Once again, not a coffee connoisseur. But this particular cup of flat white was a bit diluted for our liking. Hence, no satisfaction. Enough said.

The Hazelnut Latte, on the other hand, was a better choice. A fresh cup of aromatic hazelnut, with the right amount of coffee + milk. I guess this was the toast of the day.

Verdict : If you would like to try something at this cafe, do try the Hazelnut Latte and perhaps some of the more unique drinks. You won’t do any harm in being specific with your requests. This place didn’t leave too much of an impression with the gNOMes though.

How to get there :

Address : 23, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact number : +603 – 7722 2237, +6010 – 2260 227

Opening hours : Mondays to Fridays. 1000 hours till 0100 hours

Saturdays to Sundays. 0800 hours till 0100 hours


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