Cedele by Bakery Depot, Wheelock Place, Singapore

A short trip to Singapore enabled gNOMe 2 to explore the ever busy Orchard road and the popular cafes to hang out in. One fine afternoon brought her and her aunt to Cedele at Wheelock’s Place for a good lunch and catch up session.

Le aunt said that this particular Cedele outlet is the favourite of gNOMe 2’s younger cousin’s. Also, another plus point was that Cedele uses natural, healthy ingredients and all their mains are made from scratch everyday with love coupled with artisan techniques. What’s not to like and try? Their mission? No artificial ingredients, no trans fat, only nutritional and rich in flavour ingredients. gNOMe 2 is sold already!

The service was pretty bad, the cafe was about 40% packed and there was only 1 waiter waiting tables. Hence, a lot of patience is needed! We checked the menu and proceeded with our orders.

Grilled Chicken Avocado with Brie (SGD 15.80). This dish is basically grilled succulent chicken breast on wholemeal lin seed bread, topped with mashed avocado, a sliced of tomato, lettuce and melted brie cheese. And comes with a side salad! This dish instantly won gNOMe 2 over. Literally all her favourite food on one plate! The grilled chicken was marinated well, grilled just nice, retaining the juiciness of the white meat without compromising the texture. Tender and full of flavour. Super yums! Avocado was also done nicely, not too ripe nor uncooked. Thus it did not have the bitter aftertaste nor was it too mushy. Greens were fresh, bread was freshly baked too. And the brie cheese they spread on the bread was so much, so generous. Made gNOMe 2 a very happy girl after lunch! 😀

Meanwhile, gNOMe 2’s aunt had the Shrimp and Sea bass Salad (SGD 17.50) with extra Avocado (SGD 2). Another killer dish. Greens were particularly very fresh, prawns were grilled lightly, and was succulent. The first bite of the sea bass instantly tells you that the fish was just caught that very morning. Lightly grilled to retain the flavour. The avocado is another plus point, with smooth texture and a creamy aftertaste.

We had no extra room for the desserts, but gNOMe 2’s aunt recommended the Chocolate Banana Espresso cake (SGD 6.50). If any of you happen to try that, let me know if it’s worth trying!

Verdict : As an advocate of healthy food, this place is a must try for all you healthy conscious people. Food is fresh, packed with natural and yummylicious ingredients. Extra gNOMe points were given for the flavour and taste of each main. Enough said. But oh, beware, as gNOMe 2’s aunt did mention that not all Cedele outlets are actually good. Try this one to be safe then! Please don’t try to convert back to MYR, just take the price 1 to 1!

How to get there :

Address : 501 Orchard Road, #03-14 Wheelock Place, Singapore 238880

Contact number : +6567328520

Opening hours : Mondays to Sundays. 1000 hours till 2200 hours.


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