Bulgogi BBQ House, Kota Damansara

Rumbling tummies and a lot of time to spare calls for a good meal. Both gNOMes were craving for something sour and spicy (so pregnant lady-ish), so instead of Thai, we had Kimchi Jjigae in mind! Yes we both love Korean food.

Our main destination was to Seoulscape Bistro, but sadly, they weren’t open for business. Instead of giving up, we decided to try Bulgogi BBQ House located just right below Seoulscape. Okay, not literally right below but below Seoulscape and located at the left corner.

Spring Promo up to 20% discount? Why not? 😀

Besides craving for Kimchi Stew, the gNOMes wanted to have some ramen too. Proceeding to order Dinner Set 1 (RM59.90), which came with Pork Belly Kimchi Stew, Chilli Pork Belly Bulgogi, Steamed Egg (Gyeran Jjim), Rice, Banchan (side dishes) and Corn Tea.

One may opt for Soy Based Bulgogi, and pair it with other meat cuts but both gNOMes love the Samgyeopsal the most.

Banchans to get you started! Sweet potatoes, kim chi, boiled eggplants with some sauce (Gaji Namul), parboiled spinach with dressing (Sigeumchi Namul), pancake (Jeon) and stir fried pork with sauce (Jeyook Bokkeum). Loved the eggplants and stir fried pork. Yums! Though the spinach was abit too dry.

gNOMe 2 particularly adores eggs, be it poached, scrambled, steamed or the likes. But she never digs Korean Steamed Eggs cause most of it taste rather bland and unappetizing. But this Gyeran Jjim is one she can accept! It was soft and fluffy, and had enough seasoning. Finally found an edible and rather, good korean steamed egg. 😀

Kimchi Jjigae with Samgyeopsal and Japchae. Well well. This Kimchi Jjigae is as yummy as the one they serve in Seoulscape Bistro! The correct proportions for a sweet, sour and spicy affair. It wasn’t spicy enough to leave your eyes and nose running like a tap, but yet subtle enough to taste it. Cravings fixed! Chunks of meat accompanied by glass noodles, kim chi and cubes of tofu. It came sizzling hot, perfect to pair it with a bowl of rice. 😀

We had the chilli based pork bulgogi and believe we made a right choice! The chilli wasn’t spicy though, but aromatic. The amount of meat and sauce paste was generous, enough to make you wanting a second bowl of rice. The paste was thick and tasted just nice. Pork was cooked throughly, yet the tenderness remains. Onions and cabbages aplenty, making it a rather nutritious plate of goodness!

When cravings come, be sure to satisfy it rather than trying to purge it. The gNOMes had cravings for ramen too (that’s a lot of food already!), so both gNOMes ordered additional Pork Belly Kim Chi Ramyeon (RM15.90). Soup base is Kim Chi Jjigae, with half of an egg, mushrooms, pork, golden mushrooms kimchi accompanying it. The ramen however, was overcooked, making it too soft for the gNOMes liking. We love our noodles al-dante.

They even throw in a small portion of Chicken Dakgalbi for us! They will be opening another restaurant mostly concentrating on Dakgalbi (like Uncle Jang) down the road. It was served cold though, we felt that it was lacking the kick. Paste used wasn’t aromatic and didn’t provide much flavouring.

Finally, to end it all, Soju to down it all! Priced at RM25 per bottle for 350ml. Since they are having promotion, we got 20% off the bill! Sojus basically taste like Vodka, but on a more subtle level. The gNOMes would love some fruit juice to go with the Soju for a perfect combo!

Verdict : Overall a good place to satiate your appetite for Korean food in a jiffy. Value for money as well. No frills, what you see is what you get. The place doesn’t look very aesthetically-pleasing but they make up for it with fairly reasonable service and pretty yummy food. Let us know what you think!

How to get there :

Address : 12A-G, The Strand, Jalan PJU 5-20B, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya.

Contact number : +603-6142 7088

Opening hours : Opens daily. 1130 hours till 2230 hours.


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