Franco (formerly Miam Miam), 1 Utama, PJ and Gurney Paragon, Penang

1 Utama, Petaling Jaya

Picture courtesy of Miam Miam

Miam Miam. Derived from the French word which means ‘Yum, Yum’, Miam Miam proudly boasts of French artisanal cooking techniques infused with flavours of Japanese cuisine. Opening its doors to the public February this year, Miam Miam has been receiving a lot of attention of good food lovers. The first outlet was opened in Gurney Paragon, and Miam Miam has already invaded neighbouring countries like Singapore and Melb!

The only setback here is that this particular outlet doesn’t serve pork. Yay or nay? But the one in Penang does.

Bread, Pastas, Rice, Desserts all under one roof.

Miam Miam Spaghetti [RM 26.80]

A plate of al dante pasta tossed with sauteed frankfurters, mushrooms, aubergines, baby spinach, tomatoes in french butter, Miam Miam’s secret broth and shoyu. And an onsen to complete it all. Rumors have it that this dish is particularly salty, no thanks to the shoyu. But both gNOMes are here to dispel that. Pasta was cooked al dante, just like it should be. The spaghetti was on the savoury side but yet not overwhelming. This makes for a fairly decent dish, although not the best we have tasted.

Lobster Bisque Pasta [RM29.80]

Upon hearing the order, the waitress remarked ‘good choice ma’am‘. Bisque is a smooth, creamy soup that originated from France, classically based on a strained broth of crustaceans. Lobster bisque is not uncommon, though both gNOMes have yet to experience the real deal. This dish is basically pasta using lobster bisque as the base. Topped with Parmesan cheese and then served with a huge grilled tiger prawn. Once again, pasta was al dante, securing NOM points. The broth was flavourful, with a sweetness typical of these beloved crustaceans. However the tiger prawn could have been more fresh, as the meat was a little stuck to the shell, making it harder to chow down.

Word has it that Miam Miam is famed for their Miam! Famous French Toast (RM16.80). Roughly 8 pieces of squared french toasts served with maple syrup and whipped cream. Crispy at the sides, fluffy inside. However the gNOMes were fairly disappointed as it turns out that the French Toast was nothing much to shout about, not exactly living up to the standards set by its parent shop in Penang. It ended up being filling and not as fluffy as believed.

Chocolate Molleaux [RM12.80]

Desserts, anyone? 🙂 A plate of sinful dark chocolate cake with a molten center, served with a cup of premium gelato vanilla. This was a decent way to top off the meal as the molten cake was served piping hot, but gNOMe 1 wasn’t too fond of the selection of ice-cream used here. Perhaps they would do better to use Fat Baby Ice-cream? 😀

Gurney Paragon, Penang

So an impromptu trip back to Penang to attend a cousin’s wedding made way for gNOMe 2 to try to Miam Miam’s 1st ever branch!

Situated at the ground floor Gurney Paragon, this eatery isn’t all that hard to scout for.

Menu wise, this branch has more eats to choose from.

Riz Noir Squid Ink Rice [RM28.80]

Squid ink based rice topped with a blanket of fluffy omelette with seafood on the side (prawns, squids, fish bits). The omelette was buttery, cooked into a fluffy texture which proved to be a nice accompaniment. Seafood was fresh, with  juicy prawns thrown in to satisfy cravings.

Miam Miam Spaghetti [RM26.80]

The spaghetti served at this outlet was indeed delectable, with the seasonings just nice. Definitely much better than the one at 1Utama.

Seafood Tomato Cream Spaghetti [RM28.80]

A lot of seafood thrown in, particularly clams, mussels, prawns, fish, scallop. The tomato cream based look diluted the first glance, but it was otherwise after the first spoonful. The cream wasn’t too diluted as what gNOMe 2 thought it will be, just slightly watered down. This is to prevent any cloying after first few bites. A generous amount of seafood in tomato cream base with al dante spaghetti all in one plate would be one’s safest choice.

This time, gNOMe 2 finally agrees on why Miam Miam is famous for their French Toast [RM16.80]. One does not simply have that title for no reason. Crispy at the sides, warm and fluffy inside. Maple syrup gave a hint of sweetness, with a touch of homemade whipped cream to complete the affair. And undoubtedly tasted better than the one in 1 Utama.

Valrhona Chocolate Souffle [RM18.80]

Light, moist and flavourful. Although a little too sweet for gNOMe 2’s liking. Served warm, one can catch a whiff of the aroma that would definitely tantalize one’s tastebuds. Could be too sweet for most people, the gNOMes suggest having a cup of plain water on standby to wash down the aftermath.

Verdict : They did not earn the title ‘Best French Toast’ for nothing! gNOMes would suggest trying out the one in Penang as it is more delicious and worth every penny. The rest of the food on the menu is pretty mediocre, though, do try the desserts. 🙂

How to get there :

Address :

1 Utama, Petaling Jaya

Lot G146, 1 Utama Shopping Center, 48200 Petaling Jaya.

Gurney Paragon, Penang

163C-1-01/02, Gurney Paragon, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang

Contact :

1 Utama, Petaling Jaya

+603-7731 8923

Gurney Paragon, Penang

+604-226 7818

Opening hours : Mondays to Sundays. 1000 hours to 2200 hours.


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