Roost Juice & Bar, Jalan Dhoby, Johor Bahru


Hi gNOMes! Since gNOMe 1 travels to Johor Bahru quite often nowadays, he has been visiting some interesting places, not least for food! While roaming the streets around with friends on a Saturday night, there was a sudden craving for yoghurt drinks. Step up Roost Juice & Bar.

Make no mistakes, this place has genuine hipster cred. from the bicycle at the store front, the location, the decor, right down to the utensils used, this place is truly hipster.

Wall paintings
Wall paintings
Genuinely old stuff
Genuinely old stuff
Walls and old posters
Walls and old posters

There was even a quaint little shop upstairs linked to the building. A boutique named “The Girl Next Door”. Had we had the time, we would most certainly have explored this interesting place. Forgive the grainy pictures as gNOMe 1’s camera phone doesn’t work too well with low lighting.


Finally we come to the drinks. gNOMe 1 decided to order the Banana Yoghurt House Juice (RM 8.90). Yes, you’ve got it right… They serve their juices IN A BUCKET! The taste was truly organic.. tasted like some proper juice with none of the artificial ingredients (even if there was, I couldn’t tell!), just like the ideal smoothie you would like to have while chilling out with friends. One could taste some of the banana bits in it as well, giving it extra NOM points! This place also serves food as well as beer for those interested.

Verdict: This place is the ideal place to chill. Brilliant old school decor? Check! Great music? Check! Great-tasting yoghurt juices? Check!! Hipster place? Double, triple infinity check! In fact, if you think you got this whole hippie thing all figured out, wait till you get there.

How to get there:

Address : 9 Jalan Dhoby, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor Malaysia.

Operating Hours :

Mondays to Saturdays. 1200 hours till 1600 hours; 1800 hours till 0000 hours

Sundays. 1800 hours till 0000 hours


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