The Salad Bar, Damansara Uptown, PJ

A day off at work took gNOMe 2 around the streets of Damansara Uptown in search for new places to review. Been going to the gym? Watching your diet? Trying to eat clean? Well, this place is meant for you!

Several blog reads before heading over had warned gNOMe 2 that this outlet, which once basked in its glory during 2010 and 2011 is now no longer in its’ former splendor ever since the baton passed hands.

Situated at Damansara Uptown alongside Hong Leong Bank, The Salad Bar isn’t that hard to spot, but getting a parking lot during lunch hours be it weekends or weekdays can be rather trying.

The place was decorated in the most down to earth manner. Nothing fancy, just a quiet place for one to tuck into their salad.

Flipping over the menu, patrons may find a variety of salads to choose from. Decided not to go green but still wanting to count the calories? Fret not! The Salad Bar also offers an array of sandwiches, toasts and pastas. Since it was cheat lunch day for gNOMe 2, Chicken and Mushroom Carbonara (RM13.90) it is!

The portion wasn’t too big, just nice to make one full. Presentation was outright minimal and very simple. Pasta was soggy, the cream was pretty bland. Lacking seasoning and condiments that is a must in every carbonara sauce. Chicken was slightly chewy, although mushrooms were fragrant. Total casualty? 461 calories down the throat.

Please bear in mind that should one make a visit to this place, one can opt for the ‘Add Ons’ at RM5.90 for orange/apple juice and a side salad/fruit cup. Or add on RM4.90 for a bowl of soup and side salad/fruit cup.

To pair with her meal, gNOMe 2 ordered a Body Cleanser (RM8.90) juice made out of Apples, Carrots and Ginger. Yums! Body Cleanser supposedly cleanses and detoxes ones’ system. Albeit with sugar, the juice wasn’t too sweet nor was the ginger too overpowering.

What’s paying a visit to The SALAD Bar without a salad? Salad for dins!

Packed the Old Granny Ceaser Salad (RM15.90 for full; RM10.90 for half) home. Bought the half salad instead and it turned out to be a lot!

One whole bowl to be precise. Sauce was packed separately, salad came with heaps of greens, cheese, herb chicken fillet, half of a boiled egg, tomatoes, and olives. Talk about eating clean. Greens were fresh, though the chicken was a bit tough for gNOMe 2’s liking. She wasn’t a big fan of the dressing as it tasted funky and slightly bitter. But once in a while eh? Total calories : 276 cal

Verdict : Food was pretty mediocre, though gNOMe 2 thinks that it isn’t worth the money. One may get better carbonara elsewhere, though. Salad is on the high side but it’s filling enough. Patrons may also customize their salads accordingly.

How to get there :

Address : No 41, Jalan SS21/60, Damansara Utama, 44100 Selangor

Contact : +603-7722 1742

Opening hours : Mondays to Sundays. 1000 hours till 2200 hours.

Side Note : Tell me who eats salad for dinner everyday :/


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