The Daily Grind, Bangsar Village, Bangsar

Please don’t salivate just yet.

Weeks ago gNOMe 2 stumbled upon a friend’s instagram depicting this very mouth watering dessert. A chat ensued and gNOMe 2 got to know that one may find this dessert in the very heart of Bangsar. Bangsar has never been both gNOMes’ turf, thanks to the lack of parking spaces and the notorious jam. But who’s there to stop both gNOMes from good food!

A quick check revealed that The Daily Grind (TDG) is not only famous for their Old Fashioned Waffles but also for their gourmet burgers. Yums! Now salivate! 😀 The gNOMes actually went there to try their Old Fashioned Waffles (RM18). Little did they know TDG serves good gourmet burgers. What a pleasant surprise!

Drive yourself to Bangsar Village, get a parking space and hop off. The Daily Grind is located in Bangsar Village itself, at the LG Level. And oh, Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf is just located at G level.

Orders taken, ketchup and chilli first served. How interesting, but ketchup and chilli? Meh. They did not bother us. Boy, were we wrong!

The Lamburgerni (RM28). Grilled lamb patty (duh!) with smoky tomato sauce, pesto and grilled vegetables. Served with fries. Grilled vegetables consisted of brinjals and zucchini. It was done just nice, soft yet not soggy, complementing the patty. Buns were oatmeal buns there which tasted alright. When the waiter asked gNOMe 1, “how would you like your meat done, sir?”, there was only ever one reply: “Raw as they come! Medium rare, but more towards the rare side!”. The resultant patty was a juicy explosion of everything we loved about mutton. Forget lamb chops, this is the bomb. The gNOMes have never really been fond of fries on a burger platter, but coupled with the awesome (probably homemade) chilli sauce, we would’ve asked for more servings!

Juicy Bluesy Burger (RM35). Hah! For you gNOMers, blue cheese is both gNOMes’ love! Blue cheese stuffed beef patty, with sauteed mushrooms on top of a bed of rockets. Served alongside with fries. Did we hear rockets and blue cheese?! YUMS! 😀 The patty was thick, juicy and succulent with blue cheese in abundance. Rockets were fresh, lightly toasted oat buns complemented the whole package.

So tempting and looks so, so good. Waffles done the old fashioned way, filled with fresh but sour strawberries and light yet creamy whipped cream. The whipped cream actually did a very good job in masking the sourness of the berries. Coupled with the sweet maple sweet and cold vanilla ice cream on the sides, this dessert is truly a delish! So delectable. And actually, not that filling as gNOMe 2 thought it would be. 😀

Verdict : Both gNOMes love this place, for their good burgers and the yummy Old Fashioned Waffles. Do not say we didn’t warn you, prices can sky rocket depending on what one have. But nevertheless, worth every single penny. Even the homemade Chilli Sauce is special and yummy. Taco Tuesday Man approves of it!

How to get there :

Address : LG 8 Lower Ground, Bangsar Village 1, Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru 59100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Contact : +603-2287 6708

Opening hours : Daily. 1100 hours till 2300 hours.




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