Joo Leong Cafe, Penang

Standing strong for the past 50 years but yet, unbeknownst to many.

Situated in the heart of Bayan Lepas, travelers will definitely pass by Joo Leong Cafe on their way up to the airport. Patrons throng this place as early as 7am for their good old chinese breakfast, toast heavily buttered with sugar, 2 half boiled eggs and a good cup of black coffee.

While gNOMe 2 isn’t exactly a morning person, she prefers to head over to Joo Leong’s for a good bowl of FRESH seafood noodle soup. In the evenings, Joo Leong serves authentic seafood noodles. One may choose their own seafood of choice, paired with noodles for a bowl of delectable seafood noodles.

Noticed that picture up there? 😉

A recent trip back Penang brought gNOMe 2 here, it was actually gNOMe 2’s brother and yours truly begging le parents to drive them there for a family dinner. Mind you, the place where gNOMe 2 stays is prolly 25 minutes away. That’s far by Penang standards!

But anything for good food eh 🙂

Be sure to be there early, to secure a table for yourself. The turn over rate maybe be quick, as the chef cooks relatively fast. But it heavily depends on how fast the patrons chomp down their food.

Head over to the counter, choose your seafood, ask for the noodles of your choice, let them know whether you want clear broth or tom yam based broth. Retreat to your seats and just wait for your food to be served. Nope, you don’t even have to tell them where you are seated, they’ll just know.

Le mère‘s (mother in French) tiger prawn + fresh fish slices + maggie noodles in clear soup (mind you, the orangey colored broth is tainted by the prawn)

Le père’s (dad) favourite. Fried fish head + maggie noodles in clear broth.

Le frère (brother) and yours truly’s favorite. Just plenty of fresh fish slices in abundance, paired with maggie noodles, cooked in clear broth soup.

Doused the bowl of steaming noodles with pepper aplenty and a hearty meal is guaranteed. All the seafood were extremely fresh, left gNOMe 2 wanting more. Soup cooked with greens and preserved vege, noodles are cooked slightly soft. Pair your meal with some spicy chilli padi and sweat your way through!

And oh, while you are there, please do not forget to order this.

Yes you got it right! The toast bread, heavily buttered, sprinkled with sugar. Done the traditional way, toasted just right. A slice of this is an understatement.

One may also order Satay, Baked Salted Chicken or Kangkung Cuttlefish from the stalls outside of Joo Leong.

Verdict : This place will always be close to gNOMe 2’s heart, patronizing the place since 10 years ago. A hearty bowl of noodles with fresh seafood in abundance. This will definitely guarantee a palatable meal, ending one’s day on the right note. Please be warned of the price here though. It may sky rocket depending on one’s choice of seafood. The whole affair including drinks costs approximately RM50.

How to get there :

Address : 179-H, Sungei Tiram, Bayan Lepas, Penang.

Contact : +6010-4124865; +6012-4984865

Opening hours : Breakfast. 0620 hours till 1130 hours.

Dinner. 1800 hours till 2330 hours.


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