San Nae Deul, Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana

What’s supposed to be a Boat Noodle food hunt/review turned out to be a Korean feast instead. Little did we know that Boat Noodle is closed every Monday! 😦

Korean it is then!

A rather new restaurant at Empire Damansara, opened its’ doors on November 2013 to the public, and is perhaps the 6th outlet across the KL and PJ.

Who steps into a Korean restaurant and not order either the BBQ or Kimchi Jjigae?

Definitely not us!

Banchans were served to suppress our hunger, a total of 6 side dishes were laid in front of us. Nevertheless, the banchans were too simple, and didn’t leave quite an impression. The kimchi was a let down, lacking the pungent taste and appeared to be too ‘fresh‘ for consumption, which literally means it wasn’t fermented long enough.

Sam Gyup Sal (RM28), also known as Pork Belly.

As usual, the pork belly had more fats than meat. The meat was done nicely, though gNOMe 2 felt that the portion was way too small for 4 pax. The meat was juicy and tender, but nevertheless, is not the best BBQ gNOMe 2 has tried.

O-Sam Pork Bulgogi (RM30). BBQ Pork Bulgogi with Squid. gNOMe 2 usually prefers beef bulgogi, but dwaeji bulgogi (pork bulgogi) can be an exception at times 😉 The marination wasn’t done long enough, barely able to taste any flavour nor the seasoning. Meh.

Kimchi Jjigae (RM18). A huge fan of Korean food, gNOMe 2 was utterly disappointed with this kimchi soup. A true and authentic Korean eatery should have relatively high standards for its’ Kimchi Jjigae. This specific bowl of soup was diluted, lacking the sourish base. Such letdown is perhaps stemmed from the rather ‘fresh‘ kimchi.

Patrons may also order Corn Tea (RM3), Buckwheat Tea (RM3), or Jujube Tea (RM5) to quench thirst. But we were dismayed when were told that the teas were not refillable. Therefore, RM3 for a cup of tea, non refillable, is rather pricey.

Verdict : Portions are rather small for such exorbitant prices. Banchans are rather ‘cheap‘ banchans, meats were too little. Teas are not refillable, and gNOMe 2 was downing bottles after bottles of water after the meal. MSG much? Perhaps the first and the last.

How to get there :

Address : No G16-17, Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya.

Contact Number : +6012-357 5865

Opening Hours : Daily. 1000 hours till 2200 hours.



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