NOM Trip in South Korea, Part 1 – Yoogone Dakgalbi, Myeong-dong

안녕하세요! Which literally means Hello in Korean!

Both gNOMes had the opportunity to travel to Seoul and Jeju end of May/early June. So what’s on the itinerary? Definitely sightseeing, immersing ourselves in the Korean culture and trying to act like one, shopping and FOOD!

There were quite a few things on the list for the gNOMes to try, and we couldn’t try it all. But here are a few things that we have tried, feel free to let us know if there are any shops that are worth trying so we can try it out next time we go Korea!

1. Dakgalbi

Dakgalbi is a famous korean dish prepared by stir frying marinated chicken fillet in gochujang (chilli pepper paste) with cabbage, onions, tteok (rice cakes), sweet potato. Different dakgalbi outlets may vary the ingredients used. If one is unable to travel to Korea for this yummy treat, one may head over to Uncle Jang for a statisfactory experience.

One quick search on Google brought up this place that is well known for its dakgalbi.

Located all over Myeong-dong, Yoogane Dakgalbi isn’t all that hard to spot.

One thing that excites gNOMe 2 is that all restaurants have this small bar which serves unlimited Banchan (side dishes). All you need to do is to leave your chopsticks down, be extra hardworking and walk over to the bar to refill your side dishes.

Kimchi GALORE! Seriously, it’s a paradise for kimchi lovers.

Yoogane Marinated Chicken Galbi (₩8,500 for one portion). The waiter/waiteress will be doing most of the cooking. One may order for add-ons to complete the meal. And oh, every restaurant we stepped into, requires a minimum of 2 pax orders. So, go at least in pairs or more!

Ramen (₩1,500) and Mozarella Cheese (₩2,000). 

Ta-da! Now one may dive into this explosion of goodness which consists of Dakgalbi + Ramen + Cheese!

The taste is a mix of spicy (although not up to Malaysian level), savoury, sweet and sour. Yes, all can be found in one pan of tasty, meaty delights! The gNOMes, while not exactly being experts in dakgalbi, have a set of criteria which determines good dakgalbi:

  1. Sauce – Spicy, fragrant (due to the oil)
  2. Chicken/vegetables ratio – Pretty generous with the chicken portions
  3. Saltiness – Just right and not overwhelming

Note that dakgalbi is commonly quite oily, and lots of residual oil can be seen oozing out of the sauce, but that is what gives it fragrance. Another plus point for them is the chicken to vegetables ratio, considering an observation we made that chicken seems to be quite a “rare” commodity in Korea (Unlike Malaysia, where we are even sick of eating chicken at times). Also, one may also opt for the Chicken + Octopus galbi.

Verdict: A must-try when you are in South Korea, as it offers a fairly economic option for a satisfying meal. Generosity in chicken portions puts it above the Uncle Jang franchise found in Malaysia. Unlimited refills of banchan pretty much seals the deal for gNOMe 2. PLUS, it’s definitely convenient for tourists to pop by while shopping in Myeong-dong, Seoul and a change from the usual beef/pork BBQ!

How to get there :

Address : 3-1 Myeong-dong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea. (don’t worry if you can’t find this exact outlet, there are plenty of Yooganes in Myeong-dong)

Contact Number : +82 3789 3392

Opening Hours : 1000 hours till 2200 hours


6 thoughts on “NOM Trip in South Korea, Part 1 – Yoogone Dakgalbi, Myeong-dong

    1. Hi there! There’s one in Penang? What we know is that Yoogane have branches in Singapore but not Malaysia yet. Perhaps soon!

      As for the price in Korea, after conversion is roughly around RM27 per pax. 😉 So perhaps we can expect more or less RM20-RM30 per pax for the Dakgalbi if Yoogane has stores in Malaysia.

      1. Hi Wei Ping. Just to clarify. We do not own Yoogane Seoul (how we wish!), but should you need to know the franchise price, you may want to contact them straight (+82 3789 3392).

        Good luck! Have a great day.

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