Melur & Thyme, Suria KLCC

Welcoming patrons to since May 2013, Melur & Thyme has now been well acquainted with many. Serving dishes ranging from western food to local delights, Melur & Thyme opens for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So one may not run out of dining options ever again!

Both gNOMes had the chance to try out their breakfast and lunch menu on 2 separate occasions.

Yay for hearty breakfasts! šŸ˜€

Big Breakfast (RM24). Two farmed eggs cooked to order of your choice, chicken sausage, crisp beef bacon, grilledĀ tomatoes, baked beans, sauteed mushrooms, toast served with chilled juice, coffee or tea. Now that isĀ indeed BIG BREAKFAST! The whole combination makes for a typical big breakfast meal, but the ultimate question is, does the taste warrant what it is priced at? The taste was fairly decent, however in gNOMe 1’s opinion it isn’t anything different from other big breakfast sets that we have tried. The coffee and tea were the typical run-of-the-mill taste. But credit to where it’s due, the big breakfast was indeed filling!

English Breakfast (RM17). A relatively smaller version of the Big Breakfast. For the small eaters. Two farmed eggs + beef bacon/chicken ham/chicken sausage + grilled tomato/sauteed mushroom/baked beans/hash brown + toast + juice/coffee/tea. Just as with the Big Breakfast, the taste wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, nevertheless filling for the slightly smaller eater.

Wild Mushroom Soup (RM12). A bowl of creamy mushroom soup served with a piece of garlic bread. Both gNOMes felt that the mushroom soup was a tad oily, it had a layer of oil floating on top which was totally unnecessary. šŸ˜¦ Taste wise, it was decent but the oil kind of spoiled it all.

Carbonara with Smoked Duck (RM28). Traditional, good old creamy carbonara with spinach tagliatalle with juicy smoked duck breast. And a piece of garlic bread. Garlic bread aside, the carbonara base was quite good. It had a rather good balance of cream + egg yolks + cheese. It wasn’t too overwhelming, but thick enough for the tagliatalle to hold onto. The smoked duck breast was juicy, with a hint of slightly burnt taste.

Nasi Goreng Bunga Kantan With Crispy Ayam Kampung (RM24). Bunga Kantan, also known as Etlingera Elatior is widely used in Nyonya Food. Bunga Kantan taste was apparent all throughout the rice, making it truly fragrant. The rice texture wasn’t soggy, which earned it more NOM points. Certainly was our winner of the day amongst all the dishes we tried.

Mini Chocolate Durian Cream Puff (5 pieces for RM 15). We certainly are very strict about our durian desserts and first criterion: NO FAKE DURIAN! The gNOMes at this point were truly full and ready to top it all off with the durian cream puff. We were disappointed that the taste was mainly dodol-like and a little too imbalanced in terms of durian taste to cream ratio, heavier towards cream.

Verdict : Overall, the food at Melur & Thyme is fairly decent and fairly worth the KLCC-standard pricing as it is filling. Try the Malaysian-style food there as it represents the essence of what the restaurant is. The ambiance there is also warm and Malaysian with a touch of upmarket classy. It is also located in a fairly “peaceful” section of KLCC Suria, so if one wishes to eat a quiet and easy breakfast to unwind, this is the place to be.

How to get there :

Address : G03H-I Level Ground, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur (accesible by taking the LRT to KLCC Station)

Contact Number : +603-2181 8001

Opening Hours : Mondays till Sundays. 0800 hours till 2200 hours.

Facebook hereĀ 


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