Arata, Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya

Gimme a U, gimme a D, gimme an O, gimme a N. What does it spell? U-D-O-N! 😀

Facing the main LDP highway that heads towards 1 Utama and located in Damansara Uptown is a small Japanese Restaurant that sells udon. Under the great culinary skills of Chef Yukihiro Arakawa, Arata has been dishing out bowls after bowls of good udon ever since its’ inception in 2013. This place was introduced by a good friend of the gNOMes who is a Japanese food fan whom also introduced Menya Musashi and Tonkatsu by Mai Maisan (both located in 1Utama in Isetan) to us.

After finishing Sunday Celebration on a beautiful day, a hearty meal is a must.

Nothing too fancy about the entrance and the decor in Arata. Pretty minimalistic, with wooden tables and sofas welcoming the patrons. But don’t be fooled by its’ designing. It’s all about the food anyways for the gNOMes.

Ebimayo (RM7). Tempura prawns for starters. Very lightly battered, the tempura wasn’t too oily but yet crispy upon the first bite. Prawns were fresh, one may dip the tempura prawns with the sauce provided. Not too fancy nor too shabby though.

Arata Udon (RM19). gNOMe 1 ordered the soupy version of the House Special Udon, this is a simple dish armed with udon, spring onions, seaweed, chashu (braised pork cutlets, but only this one is the soupy version), and ajitama (flavored eggs). The soup is tasty and the udon sufficiently firm and smooth but not slippery, so it is easy for the chopstick newbie to get some into a spoon to nom. The ajitama was also a great finisher as the egg yolk was sufficiently runny and it’s white having just the right amount of seasoning. However do note that the soup is simple and clear, hence one should not expect thick double-boiled broth-like soup. Overall this is simple and tasty 🙂

Char Siew (RM7). Additional char siew for the porky lovers. You may think that 3 pieces of char siew for RM7 is pricey, but for the gNOMes, it is all justified when we took a bite of it. Very tender and soft, with fat strips hanging loosely onto the meat. The secret lies in the fats, they said. Well, “they” were right and this was one yummy pile of porky goodness.

Niku Bukkake Udon (RM17). This was gNOMe 2’s order and she was very pleased with her choice after lunch. Similar to cold soba, this plate of udon is doused with specially brewed cold dashi-broth and comes with strips of tender pork and one full ajitama. Ajitama is what gNOMe 2 envisioned, with a runny yolk yet a rather solid white. A perfect ajitama shows how much effort a chef puts into his cooking, it takes 3 days for an ajitama to be prepared. The handmade udon is superb, firm but yet not too chewy. And the sliced pork and cold broth just complemented this dish very well. Top it with chilli powder and squeeze a lime for a sour and spicy twang.

Meat Sauce Udon (RM14). This dish is just good old udon tossed with meat sauce. Simply put, its similar to eating a plate of Japanese styled spaghetti bolognaise.

Verdict : The udon here is pretty good. Authentic Japanese udon and would satisfy people craving for real Japanese food. This is NOT a sushi bar, so come just for the udon and the chashu. If you want to try something new, may we suggest the Dried Niku Bukkake Udon?

How to get there :

Address : 72, Jalan SS21/35, Damansara Uptown, 47400 Petaling Jaya.

 Contact Number : +603-7732 4088

Opening Hours :

Map :

Courtesy of Arata

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