Tryst, SS15, Subang Jaya

A private, romantic rendezvous between lovers. That’s what Tryst means according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary. And that’s what the owners had in mind as well. To be ‘THE PLACE’ for hang outs and meet ups.

Parking may be especially scarce in SS15 as SS15 has grown and developed into a trend setting area, mostly thanks to the college students hovering within the vicinity.

A wide array of menu boasts of different coffees, juices and teas for the thirsty. And plenty of food for the hungry.

Tryst Special (RM12). Stir-fried spaghetti with minced chicken + tomatoes. This dish is lightly-flavored and sports a hint of curry leaf aroma. Good for a simple meal if one wants to avoid having something heavily-seasoned. Decent portion as well considering the price. However, it does lack a little bit of that “special” in order to be called a house special.

Chocolate + Peanut Butter Pancakes (RM8). The fluffy dual-layered breakfast pancakes are encapsulated by a thick layer of chocolate syrup and peanut butter. The serving is rather generous as well. The only drawback would be that it is slightly on the dry side, but overall a good dish to try.

Chocolate + Banana French Toast (RM9). The french toast has a very generous portion of eggs along with it. One can pretty much never go wrong with the choco-banana combo. Overall this was a good toast to have as the taste was not overwhelming on any parts and all ingredients were in good proportions.

Flat White (RM8). The gNOMes aren’t exactly coffee experts, or coffee connoisseurs. That being said, the Flat White here is rather enjoyable as it is sufficiently strong without being overwhelming, the milk to coffee ratio combines to create a satisfying and fragrant hot beverage. Best of all is that the coffee does not leave one dehydrated long after consumption.

Verdict : If one word were to describe this place, that word would be AFFORDABLE. A decent place with a chill atmosphere, and friendly on the wallet (for a cafe). The parking here is not too bad as well considering the location (come early. the early bird catches the worm!). Oh, and it is definitely pork-free.

How to get there :

Address : No 74, Jalan SS15/4C, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Contact Number : +603-5887 2085

Opening Hours : Mondays, Wednesdays, Sundays. 1000 hours till 0100 hours.

Tuesdays. 1800 hours till 0100 hours.

Fridays and Saturdays. 1000 hours till 0200 hours.


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