El Cerdo, Changkat Bukit Bintang

Really. El Cerdo literally no longer needs introduction. Known as a place to many to wine and dine, this place specializes in “nose to tail” porcine experience. Carrying the meaning “pork” in Spanish, El Cerdo boasts of serving the best Spanish food in town. Now, be rest assured that one will be treated to an unforgettable dining experience here.

Parking proved to be a pain in the neck, should one wish to avoid the hassle, leave the car with the valet for RM15.

The waiter started us off with their in house baked bread with spread. Soft, warm bread to fill the stomach while waiting for one’s orders. Coupled with savoury porky floss-like paste, spread it on the bread and have an enjoyable starter.

[Left] Cooler Sunset Dream (RM10); [Right] Love At The First Try (RM10) Both very refreshing drinks to start off the meal proper.

Calamares A La Romana (RM16). Deep fried squid rings served with a dollop of aioli. Squid rings were fried just nice, golden brown with crispy, crunchy batter and slightly chewy squid texture. The Provençal mayonnaise sauce was a beautiful compliment to the squid rings, not too heavy and has an exquisite garlicky taste.

Flaming BBQ Ribs Paella (RM118). gNOMe 2’s first time trying paella, and it was sure YUMMY! Albeit a little greasy and the greens under cooked, the grains of this classic dish rice turned out to be beautifully seasoned, plump-y and loosely joined. The ribs were medium rare, with meats literally falling off bones, was a nice touch to the paella. On the other hand, the sausages were a little bit too tough for gNOMe 2 to chew on. This plate of paella could do off better with the under cooked greens.

Pasta Cavatelli (RM35). A simple plate of cheese + smoked pork shoulder ham pasta, but worked wonders. It took quite a while to come, but from the look and taste of it the pasta was freshly-made and just cooked al dente. There was a hint of basil which went a long way into complementing the sauce. Watch the pasta “melt” into your mouth.

Whisky Baby Back Ribs (RM78). Marinated with 10 year old Laphroaig whiskey, these HEAVENLY ribs are then grilled to a medium rare texture, served with straw potatoes and grilled pepper salad. The whiskey was very subtle, but provided a proper icing on the cake as the marination was simply out of this world. The meat texture, perfection. All gNOMes at the table were just wolfing it down. The grilled pepper salad was dressed perfectly and fresh. A surprise was the straw potatoes, which was actually quite addictive. It quickly became the second most popular finger food of the day (the ribs obviously numero uno)!

Cochinillo Al Estilo Segoviano (RM188). More fondly known as “The Roasted Suckling Pig”, this dish is usually a must have for each table. Half a piglet for 2 pax costs RM188, a whole piglet which is meant for 4 persons, RM358. Once the baby swine is served, a waiter will attend to you whereby he will brief you on the whole Spanish tradition to eating this dish. Knock 3 times on the board, and cut the piglet with the porcelain plate. Make a wish, and then break it.

They will then cut the piglet into pieces, whereby one will feast on the porcine with the condiments below.

Fresh greens, baked baby potatoes with herbs and signature liver with red wine sauce. The piglet was tender and fatty. The fats providing a natural fragrance which was irresistible. The skin was crispy and formed a delightful trio with the fragrant fats and the tender meat. NOM!! Although a little too much fat from the porcine could be a tad overwhelming at the end of the dish.

Verdict : Expect to pay top dollar, but when you taste the food, you will see why the top dollar is justified. Once you have a taste of el cerdo, you will feel like coming back for more! Great ambiance, great food!

How to get there :

Address : 43 & 45, Changkat Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur

Contact Number : +603- 2145 0511

Opening Hours : Mondays to Fridays. Lunch – 1200 hours till 1430 hours. Dinner – 1800 hours till 2300 hours.

Saturdays. 1800 hours till 2300 hours.

Sundays. Lunch – 1200 hours till 1430 hours. Dinner – 1800 hours till 2300 hours.

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