Nom Trip in Bangkok – Gnome Eats at Soi 38

สวัสดีครับ! Greetings from Krung Thep! Thai food needs little introduction. From the profusion of exotic flavours with abundance of spices to simple grilled street food on skewers, the gNOMes had an amazing time and adventure in Bangkok uncovering the famed cuisine Thailand has to over.

Starting the night’s dinner at the prominent Sukhumvit Soi 38 (nearest BTS Station : Thong Lor), Soi 38 is the place to kick start one’s food journey. Plenty of street food available just within one stretch of road. Do not worry about the traffic bustling around, they will dodge pass you with little effort.

Opens at 1800 hours till the wee hours of morning, Sukhumvit Soi 38 offers a variety of local cuisine that is sure to please one’s taste buds.

1. Pad Thai (Stir Fried Rice Noodles)

Pad Thai has always been gNOMe 2’s favourite food, following closely on Pad Thai’s heels would be the Tom Yum Goong. Rice noodles are stir fried with cubed tofus, egg, tamarind pulp, fish sauce, dried shrimps, garlic, palm sugar, bean sprouts and then served with lime wedges. Most of the Pad Thais will include raw greens such as bean sprout, coriander, chives. Other ingredients may include chicken (Pad Thai Gai) or seafood.

Located at a small alley off the main road of Soi 38 lies a self-proclaimed Blazing Pad Thai chef who goes by the moniker of “Famous Chef in The World”. Disagree with that moniker all you want, but this guy has the reputation as one of the best Pad Thai’s chef in Bangkok.

Clad in a ski cap with gloves is the Blazing Pad Thai chef cooking away as the smell of fried shallots fills the air. Grab a table, place your order and wait for the magic to happen.

The result? An amazing plate of goodness. Every single element on the plate cooked to perfection. Al dente glass noodles, poached chicken texture, and “scrambled eggs” texture eggs, served together with a bunch of under-cooked vegetables (just the way they eat it). For us, we preferred to remove the vegetables. Add chili flakes, fish sauce and squeeze over a whole lime and mix it up. This was by far THE BEST PAD THAI IN THE WORLD!

2. Mango Sticky Rice 

Fans of mangoes will definitely worship this dish. LITERALLY! Even if you are not big on the glutinous rice, do give this dish a shot. We can safely say that wherever you try this dish in Bangkok, you are bound to be served with sweet mangoes. With a plate of small mango sticky rice going at 60 Baht, avid mango sticky rice lovers will find relish in this sweet yet savoury dessert thanks to the sweet mangoes and savoury glutinous rice + coconut milk (santan).

3. Pork Leg Rice (Khao Kha Moo)

A delightful rice dish that is a national favourite to all Thais. Having been to Bangkok 14 years ago, gNOMe 2 has very fond memories of this particular fare and has been craving for authentic ones ever since.

Easily available almost everywhere in Bangkok, Khao Kha Moo is just basically stewed pork leg eaten with boiled eggs, rice and boiled mustard green.

The key to a palatable plate of pork leg rice? Softly steamed white rice with extremely tender pork meat (with the fats of course!) topped with delicious pork stew gravy cooked with a lot of local spices. Add as much boiled mustard green if you want, they are always readily available free flow.

4. Daniel Thaiger Burger Food Truck

Located along Soi 38 is a food truck run by Daniel Thaiger, and he is well known both to local youngsters and foreigners alike.

The queue might not look like much from here, but believe us, every single one of these people are waiting for their orders which will come AFTER the same amount of people (not seen in this picture) have been served theirs. After approximately 20-30 minutes, this came:

Well, if you happen to be at Soi 38 and still have some space to fill, try out Daniel Thaiger. The Thaiger Pork Burger (129 Baht) was the gNOMe’s order. This was a very highly-recommended stall to us by our friends as well as the local expatriates. However the verdict for the gNOMes: The patty is juicy and well-marinated. A good burger. But the gNOMes have tasted some pretty darn good burgers in our lifetimes. So it is a great place to have burgers, but not the best we’ve had.

5. Smoothie and Juices

Sandwiched in between food stalls are definitely thirst quenching smoothie stalls. With an array of fresh fruits to choose from, simply pick a safe bet to wash it down or for the adventurous one, a more dauntless combination.

Banana, passion fruit, apple (40 Baht). A rather interesting combination, The fruits are real and nice, but they do have the habit of adding in syrup and synthetic flavoring along with the real fruits, which kind of spoils it for the gNOMes. 😦

How to get there : Street Food on Sukhumvit Soi 38, BTS Thong Lor


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