The Grumpy Cyclist, TTDI

Another cafe which we have heard people raving so much about it.

The Grumpy Cyclist.

It’s not a wonder if one can tell that the founders of this place are avid cyclists. And also, if they are grumpy.

Founded by Alex Iskander Liew and Zaid, who are enthusiasts of mountain biking and road cycling respectively, they soon discovered that they not only share a same passion for cycling, but for coffee as well. Thus, The Grumpy Cyclist was born.

Handled and managed by Head Barista, Azlan and Head Chef, Dianne and a clique of high energy, fun loving team of youngsters, this place has a mixture of high energy vibes but yet, a soothing ambiance if one seeks for a place to dine and chill.

With a rather interesting concept, one may expect a number of bicycles parked in the store. What is even more intriguing is a container smacked right in the store, equipped with tools and fittings meant for bicycle repairs. So much for a hardcore fan!

While waiting for your bicycle to be serviced, one can dine to kill time.

We started dinner with coffee.

Flat White. Capuccino. (RM8-RM12).

Beans used here at The Grumpy Cyclist is sought and roasted by Artisan Coffee, nevertheless their own blend. Immediately the resemblance to the Artisan style is apparent, in the aroma of the medium roast. But that is where the resemblance ends. The character of the blend is apparent, a slight hint of spice, brewed at optimum temperature, and yielding low acidity. The gNOMes believe there is no “best” coffee out there, but each to his/her own preference. The flat whites here are gNOMe 1’s favorite. 🙂

The Old Bicycle.

Grumpy Cyclist’s latest experimental menu. Breaded baked chicken on toast topped with tomatoes, mozarella cheese, pesto sauce and shredded bacon served with arugula salad. The chicken is done just right, and the pesto sauce does add to the flavor. The only thing was just that the gNOMes felt that the bacon strips, while a welcome addition, did little in adding to the already flavorful dish. Also it would be the gNOMes’ preference to have slightly more crispy bread! 😀

Chicken oh Chicken (RM20).

A plate of very comforting roasted chicken thigh, served with wedges and arugula salad topped with homemade mushroom sauce. The gNOMes were starting to get the feeling that this kitchen does rather well in their chicken. And indeed, being very lightly seasoned, the chicken taste itself does its own talking.

Pesto Pasta (RM16) /+ chicken (RM3) /+ bacon (RM5)

Ah Pesto! Not exactly everyone’s pick if you line up bolognese, carbonara and pesto together. Pesto sauces are generally made out of crushed garlic, sweet basil and pine nuts. At Grumpy’s, pesto is king, and happens to be the chef’s pet sauce. Do give it a chance when you drop by. They indeed do a good job with their pesto sauce, as it is a major component of the dish and it provides a fresh taste to the palates.

Crespella (RM12).

Fluffy chocolate chip pancakes. Enough said. A very close to heart dessert to The Grumpy Cyclist, this was the first dessert on their menu. A generous serving of strawberries, chocolate chips embedded in the fluffy pancakes, and finally whipped cream to top it all off. What would make it better is more maple syrup please!

Verdict : The Grumpy Cyclist has a philosophy of keeping things simple and doing the simple things well, and that they do, especially evident when you see the number of families that stop by to get their chow. It is a great place to chill out, with friendly staff and great ambiance. The music is tops for us too! Will be dropping by for coffee as well!

How to get there :

Address : 36, JalanDatuk Sulaiman, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur

Contact Number : +603-7731 1400

Opening Hours : Daily. 0800 hours till 2300 hours.

Closed on Tuesdays

Facebook here


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