SimplyD, Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur

When you have worked at a certain place for too long, lunch options are all exhausted. It’s either you go back to eating the same old Chicken Rice or Chap Fan, or just go on a strike. 😛 But when a new place pops up for lunch, there’s where the crowd goes!

Yay to SimplyD! A colleague of gNOMe 2 recommended this place to her as he stumbled upon SimplyD while roaming in Avenue K on one fateful day when the LRT was down.

A spin off from Delicious, SimplyD keeps it simple and fast with a casual vibe. Caters to white-collar workers within Avenue K and KLCC vicinity who needs a quick bite.

The seats in this branch at Avenue K are pretty limited, so one word of advise. Come early, or come after lunch hours.

Green Tea Latte [RM10.50 for Regular, RM11.50 for Large]

Simply D Laksa with Chargrilled Chicken [RM12] / additional prawns [RM15]

This is not your bowl of laksa. Nope, not Penang Assam Laksa, not Sarawak Laksa neither is it Johor Laksa. This SimplyD laksa is a rather interesting fusion of Penang Prawn Noodles. We love the Chargrilled Chicken in the laksa, full of flavour with awesome marination.

Roasted Garlic & Sundried Tomatoes Aglio Olio [RM11] 

+ Mushrooms [RM13] / + Chargrilled Chicken [RM14] / + Prawns and Fish Balls [RM15]

One can never go wrong with Aglio Olio eh? 🙂 The roasted garlic and sundried tomatoes proved to be a good combination, complementing this pasta dish well. Aromatic and flavourful. However, gNOMe 2 found her Aglio Olio to be slightly too oily at the bottom. And for those who are already so used to the ever flavourful Malaysian cuisine, this Aglio Olio might be a little bit too bland for your palates. Get the Tabasco Sauce ready! 😀

Carbonara with Crispy Turkey Bacon and Herbal Egg [RM14]

SimplyD’s signature and best seller. Creamy and yummy. How carbonara is supposed to be like. We love the ‘Herbal Egg’ touch, gives it a rather interesting twist. Of course, nothing can go wrong with the bacon. And the gNOMes simply adore the generous amount of shaved cheese scattered on top.

Sweet Basil & Cashew Nut Pesto [RM12] / + Grilled Lamb Kofta [RM15] / + Chargrilled Chicken [RM15]

Pesto done right, with additional toppings of Chargrilled Chicken. One of the colleagues mentioned, “This can do better without the bread crumbs”. Each to his/her own opinion!

Chicken Avocado & Pine Nut Wrap on Tortilla [RM12]

With a bowl of chips. Health warriors, ditch the chips! But the chips are rather healthy, minus the usual seasoning and preservatives. The wraps have a generous amount of avocado spread, with chunks of chicken. Delectable and healthy. What more can we say?

Verdict : Looking for a fuss free place to grab a quick lunch? Or rather looking for a healthier option instead of your usual nom? Try SimplyD! Yummy, healthy food with a rather wide range of selections, decently priced. 😀

How to get there :

Address : Lot C-16A, Concourse Level, Avenue K, 156 Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur (accessible via LRT, hop off at KLCC Station)

Contact Number : +603-9221 8266

Opening hours : Mondays to Sundays. 0800 hours till 2200 hours.

Facebook here


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