Advert : “Eat, Snap Win Contest by DiGi & Worthy Book” & “The Must-Have Book for Foodies Returns!”

Foodies rejoice! Who does not love food, bargains and contests? *both gNOMes raise hands!

We jump into every opportunity when there’s food, bargains and contests! Life’s awesome like that! Like it or not, we just love freebies and gorging ourselves fat with delectable food.


1) Eat, Snap Win Contest by DiGi & Worthy Book

Remember last year’s Worthy Book F&B edition? We bet you must have gotten a bargain out of it! Various coupons for awesome bargains at so many different F&B Merchants. This time round, Worthy Book teams up with DiGi, bringing loyal DiGi users this awesome, fantastic contest.

Now who wants to get their hands on a Samsung Galaxy S5, Xiao Mi 3, or Sony Xperia M2?

We sure do! *raises hands and waves around!

Participating in this contest is rather easy. Heck, it’s actually EASY!

Step 1 : Be a DiGi user (simple ain’t it huh?)

Step 2 : Submit a photo of your favourite cuisine at any of the 26 participating brands to Worthy Book

Step 3 : Tell them why you should win one of those phones!

IT’S SO SIMPLE! Go do it now!

Contest runs from September till December 2014. T&C applies.

Good luck gNOMers! 😀


2) The Must-Have Book for Foodies Returns!

Have you heard of Worthy Book? Worthy Book is a compact and power packed (ahem!) F&B booklet which packs in 180 food vouchers to let you enjoy special discounts, free samplings and attractive offers at 44 top F&B outlets across Malaysia! Participating merchants for Year 2014/2015 include Domino’s, Sushi King, Papa John’s Din Tai Fung, Morganfield’s, Carl’s Jr., BBQ Chicken, myBurgerLab and many more!

This year’s edition also includes food reviews and recommendations, and has a vast cuisine type from Banana Leaf Rice to Burgers and Cafes, satisfying the palates of all Malaysians.

Now whose tummy is rumbling? 😀

The Worthy Book F&B edition is available at all major bookstores (MPH, Popular, Times, Borders, Kinokuniya) and selected outlets in KL and Selangor or via the Worthy Book website.

You can find more information from the links below :








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