Topshelf, TTDI

Now, when the opportunity arises for both gNOMes to review this French Cuisine Restaurant in TTDI, why not? How often can you find French Cuisine here in the heart of Klang Valley as opposed to our usual Malaysian, Japanese, Korean and Thai Cuisine?

p/s : Noticed that we used the term Malaysian Cuisine instead of Chinese/Malay/Indian Cuisine? 🙂 Love the multicultural heritage one can experience here in Malaysia.

hah! Back to the topic. Both gNOMes have yet to review other French Restaurants around Klang Valley, what’s more, never even stepped foot in the City of Lights, Paris.

So when the opportunity came, we jumped straight for it. 😀 The pleasure was all ours.

Slightly off TTDI’s usual beaten track, Topshelf opened sometime 2 and a half years back. Why Topshelf? “The ingredients we use is guaranteed topshelf; the best and premium. Nothing lesser”, says Mr Christopher, the owner and the Head Chef at Topshelf. Mr Christopher himself has a say in the menu, thanks to his vast knowledge of French Cuisine where he worked in notable restaurants in Paris and London for a few years.

His high energy team consists of a Sous Chef and his helpers in the kitchen, a bartender, and another chef, Gary, on the floor with Christopher himself, serving and engaging with the customers.

An exposed kitchen, nope, not for Christopher to monitor them, but mainly for patrons to have a look what’s going on in the kitchen!

Let’s Keep Calm & Eat French! 😀

Start your night with a bottle of S. Pellegrino or Acqua Panna sparkling water, or for those in the mood, a glass of Condamine Bertrand (Merlot 2012) from France (RM24 per pouring). Of course, different wine pairing for different mains.

A huge chalkboard spewing out Topshelf’s Specials. Both gNOMes love the ambiance at Topshelf, even though Christopher had a casual dining theme in mind, the genuine French dining experience coupled with tip-topped service actually proved to be rather good dining spot for couples or even families.

Chicken Liver Pate [RM23]

A platter of homemade liver pate, pickles, olive tapenade and toast. Topshelf bakes their own bread, if you are wondering. Crunchy, fluffy yet light, their bread is simply simple yet scrumptious. If liver and innards is your thing, you will find yourself feasting on the liver pate even long after the bread is gone.

Nicoise Salad [RM27]

Mix greens, tuna, beans, tomato and quail eggs. A nice plate of salad meant for sharing. The greens were fresh, loved the boiled french beans. Tuna flakes scattered all over with a few quail eggs. Next, the pan seared tuna. gNOMe 1 happens to be a HUGE fan of sashimi-styled tuna. Naturally, the lightly-seasoned tuna was a big hit as its natural taste shone through.

Moules Mariniere [RM30]

Fresh mussels in white wine, shallots and fresh herbs. Served with toast. For the gNOMes, we would say this dish was the winner of the day. Although not being totally huge fans of black mussels, the white wine-driven gravy was utterly satisfying. The gNOMes soon found themselves draining every last bit of it from the pot.

Duck Confit [RM35]

Pan seared duck leg in its own fat, on top of a bed of french beans, braised cabbage with red wine and a spoonful of berries. The mix of sweet and savoury was a welcome addition to the meal. Not to forget the delightfully-toasted potato slices. So yummy in our tummies. 😀

Mussels & Clams in White Wine [RM35]

A plate of delectable linguini with mussels, clams and white wine. Al dente, fragrant, flavourful with strong hints of white wine. Both gNOMes fell in love with this dish, not knowing whether we preferred the sauce or the fresh shellfish.

Pain Perdu [RM18]

Pain perdu, or more fondly known as French Toast. A plate of french toast with sweet vanilla sauce topped with berries. Overall it was a nice way to end the meal, although the taste of the eggs were less apparent. But then again it is down the individual preference.

Creme Brulee [RM22]

Good old creamy custard topped with a paper caramel crust. A comforting dessert to end the meal on a high note. Definitely one of the best Creme Brulee we have tried. It has a sweet and creamy taste, and a light and fluffy texture. The crispy caramel crust was the perfect foil to the creamy goodness within. Simply Merveilleux!

Verdict : Overall this is a place to go if you want a good ambiance, good wine and good food. The price is also very worthwhile considering the quality and portion of the food. A hidden gem in our opinion. Perfect for a date, or even a casual night out.

And oh, Chef Christopher and Gary will be conducting an up close and personal get together with Topshelf’s diners on every last Sunday of the month. Watch them display their culinary skills right before your eyes and dine with Chef Christopher and Gary omakase-style in a reservation only, 6 course menu for RM128++ from 7pm onwards. Make sure you make your reservations!

How to get there :

Address : 61, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur

Contact Number : +603-7727 7277

Opening Hours : Mondays to Saturdays. 1600 hours till 0000 hours. Closed on Sundays.

Official Website Here. Facebook Here.


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