Macau, besides Hong Kong, is one of the two Special Administrative Regions of the People’s Republic of China. Those who travel to Hong Kong is bound to at least spend a day or 2D1N in Macau.

Getting to Macau is rather convenient, one can simply board the ferry from these 3 points :

  • Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA)
  • MTR Sheung Wan Exit D (Hong Kong Island)
  • MTR Tsim Sha Tsui Exit A1 (Kowloon Side)

So both gNOMes decided to set aside our initial plans to visit Ocean Park HK just to visit Macau! Yay! We took Turbo Jet ferry from HK Island terminal, paid HKD 164 (approximately RM70), and off we go! Ferry departures are every 15 minutes, sailing time takes approximately an hour.

Upon touching down Macau Taipa Terminal, both gNOMes headed to Senado Square. And thus, our food hunt began. 😉

1. Salted Egg Pancakes

We spotted this long, snaking queue of hungry people waiting patiently to place their orders with this guy whose hands were moving at the speed of light.

We both caught whiffs of aromatic, freshly baked ‘pastries’ mid air. We joined the queue, lo and behold, little did we know we were queuing for Salted Egg Pancakes!

Basic ingredients : Butter, sugar, flour, salted egg. *drools! After queuing for almost half an hour, we were rewarded with this bag of addictive, crispy yet fluffy pancakes. A bag goes for minimum HKD 20 (approximately RM9), enough for you to snack on while taking in the beautiful ruins of St. Paul’s.

Verdict : The pancakes were pretty crispy and made for a good snack. However over a period of time it can get pretty dry if one does not have enough water.

How to get there : Senado Square

2. Margaret’s Cafe e Nata Portuguese Egg Tarts

We actually walked hours and hours for this, that’s because we were given the wrong street address from Google! *throws tantrum

Little did we know that Margaret’s is only a good 10 minutes’ walk away from Senado Square. And since the road names are in Portuguese literally, always double check to make sure that the address you have is accurate and updated.

Anyway, once we arrived, we saw a multitude of people eating egg tarts by the roadside, and a long queue. AGAIN!

The lady boss is pretty hostile, bordering rude, she surely can improve in that department! Placed our orders and joined the queue. We ordered a dozen, (after literally walking for hours, we ain’t going to settle for only 2 egg tarts each!), and the wait took us 15 minutes.

The Portuguese egg tarts came out piping hot, fresh from the oven. A Portuguese egg tart goes for HKD8 / MOP8 (approximately RM3.50) each.

Took a spot by the road side, and wolfed down almost immediately the egg tarts even though they were absolutely piping hot.

Verdict : These are literally THE BEST PORTUGUESE EGG TARTS EVER!! The perfect balance of all flavors and sweetness. An outer layer of thin and crispy crust, an inner beautiful blend of buttery egg custard. The egg tarts were indeed a revolution. It was worth the wait no doubt, but just ignore the terrible attitude of the staff there.

How to get there : 17-B, Goldlion Building, Rua do Comandate Mata e Oliviera, Gum Loi, Macau

3. Pastelaria Koi Kei

Famed for their almond flavoured cookies, Koi Kei took the whole of Macau by storm. Every nook and cranny has a Koi Kei pastry shop. Visitors throng this place like there’s no tomorrow. Imagine there is one every corner, and every shop is bound to be filled with customers who leave in shop with bags and bags of pastries. Prices for pastries in Macau are the cheapest. Koi Kei has branches in Hong Kong but prices may shoot up to 40% more! So get them while you are in Macau 🙂

Besides cookies, Koi Kei has a variety of dried meat slices (similar to jerky), and we heard that their Portuguese Egg Tarts are equally good!

Verdict : Koi Kei’s cookies can get you hooked by the boxes! Their pastries are so good they are flying off the shelves in no time. The best part? Koi Kei has little, little tasters whereby patrons can sample these pastries prior to buying. Have a feast!

How to get there : Every nook and cranny at Senado Square

4. Portuguese Food

Before we boarded the night ferry back to Hong Kong, both gNOMes wanted to feast on authentic Portuguese food but we were unable to find any within the vicinity 😦 We did not have data roaming that time, so we did not Google to the rescue.

But anyhow, try some Portuguese Food when you are in Macau! There’s nothing to lose anyway.

A few recommendations from Trip Advisor.

O Santos – Comida Portuguesa Restaurant

A Petisqueira

Guincho a Galera

Fernando’s Restaurant

Overall Macau is a fairly intriguing place. We have heard people speak Cantonese as well as Portuguese. The architecture is pretty much half archaic and half trapped in the 80’s. If one does not gamble, one might run out of activities to do in Macau after a day. Have fun and toodles! 😀


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