In Colonial, The Intermark, KL

The owners of TableTalk TTDI also have another restaurant somewhere in KL. When we heard of that, our first thought was that if TableTalk is anything to go by, then this place would definitely be worth a go. Hence, when the gNOMes got the invitation, we were thrilled. 😀 It was later on explained to us that this place, In Colonial, is an “East meets West” concept. To put it simply, Western-influenced Chinese food.

Both gNOMes were invited to sample their Couple Menu, which is full course meal enough to feed 2 hungry gNOMes!

3 sets to choose from, ranging from RM 88++ to RM 138 ++. Stepping into In Colonial feeling rather famished? We’d suggest to go for Menu 1 or 2. A complete dining experience starting with In Colonial’s famous starter, a bowl of soup, 3 course meal and sealing the deal with a dessert each.

[Left to Right] Green Apple Kasturi [RM14]; Fresh Lemonade [RM10]; Orange Majito [RM16]

A refreshing drink to begin the meal. One can have their selection from wine, beers, fruit juices, mock-tails to coffee.

Swiss Spring Roll [RM16]

Both gNOMes have never been a fan of Chinese Spring Rolls, but this Swiss Spring Roll literally blew our mind! Chinese style spring rolls wrapped with fresh vegetables like bangkuang (turnip) and carrot strips, with a twist. The spring rolls are generously stuffed with Swiss cheese, deep fried to perfection. Upon first bite, one will notice how crunchy and fragrant the spring roll skin is, with a bountiful amount of melted Swiss Cheese and fresh vegetables. Words are not enough to describe how good these are, this is one dish that is a MUST ORDER if you happen to dine in In Colonial. 😀

In Colonial Fish Broth [RM18].

This is also another Must Try dish, and we can definitely agree to that! A bowl of delicious sliced fish and rice in rich broth. The fish broth was one of the ultimate comfort foods. There were traces of rice grains, with yummy, fresh fish fillets. Coupled with an assortment of mushrooms. Yum Yum!

Seafood Tofu Chowder [RM22].

A simple way to describe this is that it is a humane “shark’s fin soup”. An assortment of fresh seafood comprising of squid, crab meat, prawns have been packed into a broth of minimal starchiness and eggs, topped off tastefully with a sprinkling of caviar. The natural taste of the seafood individually shines through, while at the same time collectively adding to the excellence of the flavor. 😉

In Colonial Black Pepper Ribeye Cubes [RM55].

This dish was one of the main favorites for the gNOMes. Black pepper beef slices wok fried to perfection. The beef was tender and juicy. Peppers and onions provided the perfect level of fragrance to this dish. Every bite was thoroughly enjoyable. 😀

Aglio Scallops [RM65].

The scallops were fried in the house batter, with a strong fragrance of garlic and chili. The scallop sizes were quite big, and it was fresh as well.

Yang Zhou Fried Rice [RM18].

Perhaps while looking pretty plain and uninteresting, this fried rice actually tasted much more than it looks. Who would’ve thought that such a simple dish could be so comforting?

Ginger and Green Onion Beef [RM45].

Another Chinese favorite, the beef in this dish was just as tender as the other beef dish. Goes perfectly with white rice.

And finally, sealing the meal with Fried Ice Cream.

Fried Ice Cream.

Interesting that the batter didn’t seem like it was from any factory. The batter on its own was tasteless, but coupled with the vanilla ice-cream within and the chocolate coating on the exterior, this was a pleasant end to the meal.

Verdict : This place serves truly good food. Practically almost every dish is oh-so-good! Perhaps this isn’t the place for an economic meal, but we assure you it is worth the dollars you pay. The gNOMes would recommend bringing parents or colleagues here for functions, as they also offer their premises for lunch/dinner functions. Even though they cannot be called Halal because they serve alcohol, but their meats are sourced from Halal sources. All these yummy dishes mentioned here can be ordered a la carte, but if you are a wise consumer, you would totally agree that ordering the Couple Set is worth every penny. 😉

How to get there :

Address : G-13, The Intermark, 348 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur (nearest LRT : Ampang Park)

Contact Number : +603-2162 9033

Opening Hours : Daily. 1000 hours till 2300 hours.

Facebook here 


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