Délifrance, Avenue K

The last we stepped into a Délifrance franchise was probably, give and take, 6 years ago. However, with that being said, we had one of the best snack Délifrance had to offer that time. The La Tartine, as it is known now. Which means, the good thing about Délifrance that we remembered? The awesome Tuna Mayo Croissant and the La Tartine.

Many would definitely liken Délifrance to their fragrant, yummy pastries and bread loaves beautifully arranged for sale.

This time around with the jolly jingle bells ringing, we had the privilege to try out Délifrance’s Christmas Menu. Have we told you that this season of noël is one of our favourite seasons of the year? 🙂

Délifrance will be rolling out their Christmas menu to cater to this season of festivity, starting from 1st of December until the 25th. Available at all Délifrance outlets throughout Malaysia except for airport branches and Seremban, patrons are able to dig in into their Christmas menu ranging from Provencal Lamb Stew to Cheesy Turkey Pasta.

Mini Fruit Tartlets [RM80 for 30 pieces]

Mini fruit tartlets topped with strawberries, kiwis or mango cuts. A perfect snack for meetings or birthday celebrations eh? Or just to keep one’s mouth busy. 😀 Crunchy, fragrant and healthy at the same time!

Cheese and Ham Sandwich

A combination of ham with bread topped with cheese and baked to golden brown. Best taken hot as the cheese will be gooey and oh-so-yummy. Not to forget, the cheese is actually more generous than it looks though.

Cheesy Turkey Pasta [RM15.90]

Spaghetti topped with creamy cheese and mushroom sauce with slices of Turkey Ham. This pasta is indeed a classic, comfort food that for the masses.

Poached Salmon with Creamy Dill Sauce [RM34.90]

Poached salmon on top of a bed of mashed potatoes with creamy dill sauce served with salad. The gNOMes would say that the salmon was actually rather dry and flaky, reflecting the presentation. However the mashed potatoes were really good. gNOMe 1 kept chowing down on them.

Provencal Lamb Stew [RM34.90]

A traditional French lamb stew that is loved by young and old alike. Lamb shoulder placed on top a bed of mashed potatoes topped with savoury brown sauce with sliced button mushrooms. The stew comes with salad as a side dish to complete the whole package.

Beef Lasagna [RM17.90]

The gNOMes always remembered that one can never go wrong with baked stuff at Delifrance. Indeed this beef lasagna was tasty and worth trying. The blend of taste and fragrance striking a decent balance for our gNOMes.

Streaky Beef [RM15.90 for 1/2 feet, RM28.90 for 1 foot]

Chicken Steak [RM12.90 for 1/2 feet, RM22.50 for 1 foot]

[Left to Right : Streaky Beef, Chicken Steak]

Délifrance’s latest addition to the menu. Choose between Streaky Beef, Chicken Steak or Smoked Lamb for a hearty sandwich. The sandwiches were lip smacking and down right delicious. With very fresh beef strips/chicken breast meat topped with caramelized onions and finished with Délifrance’s secret blend of sauce, these sandwiches are bound to please the palates!

La Tartine [RM6]

This is what both gNOMes talked about. Freshly baked baguette hot from the oven, spread with a generous layer of kaya and butter, cut into mini size bites. A perfect snack after shopping, or just to keep the mouth munching. Crunchy and fragrant baguette with the oh-so-yummy-yet-sinful mixture of butter and kaya spread.

Rocky Land Gift Cake [RM35]

Belgian chocolate cake topped with Ganache suitable as a Christmas Gift. The cake was not too moist, with top layers laden with chocolate chips and choco syrup. It was nice, but the gNOMes’ would’ve loved it if it were slightly less sweet.

Cupcakes [RM5 each]

[Left to Right : Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla]

Cupcakes to seal the deal. For you refined sugar lovers out there, Délifrance has 3 different flavours of cupcakes topped with quality cream cheese to choose from. gNOMe 2’s pick? The chocolate of course!

Verdict : Delifrance has always done what it does best – Pastries and cakes. Amongst the Christmas menu though, the ones we felt who took home the prizes were the sandwiches. Being at one of the highest floors of Avenue K, it’s a nice quiet place to chill with friends.

How to get there :

Address : L2-17B & SAC-L2-1, Level 2, 156 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur (nearest LRT station : KLCC)

Contact Number : +603-2181 5447

Opening Hours : 1000 hours till 2200 hours

Website here; Facebook here


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