Oinkz, Seksyen 17, PJ

Ever since the gNOMes got wind of a new burger eatery in Section 17, PJ, we knew we had to go and try out the frequently talked about Pork Burgers. But Pork Burgers? Hmmm. Guess one can find them almost everywhere now, every nook and corner. But the question is, how is this any different?

But what made it even more interesting is that Oinkz only produced 50 burgers daily. That’s good QC over there. Not mass produced burgers just to rake in profit, but controlling the quality of every burger cooked to satisfy the tastebuds of every patron.

Both gNOMes managed to have a little chat with the owners, and guess what, 2 out of the 3 partners hail from Penang! Now we look forward to a hearty dinner.

Oinkz is located at a corner lot at Section 17 which is a hawker-cum-coffee shop during the day. At night, once the roller shutters are down, Oinkz convert this place into their “cafe” for their small humble business. Do be aware that one may go back reeking in barbecue/smoke smell.

They current have 6 types of burgers to savour from, and 1 junior burger for the small eaters/kids.

Oinkz Balls [RM8]

The oinkz balls were yummy, homemade pork balls fried till turned golden brown and served with horseradish cheese sauce. The sauce was a great complement to the pork balls, the pork balls fried till crunchy, yet retaining the juiciness within the meat. The meat was also well-seasoned with thyme, peppery and fragrant.

Deep Fried Onion Rings [RM5]

A bowl of freshly cut onion rings dipped in tempura batter, and fried just nice. The tempura batter was light and cruncy, the onions were fresh, topped with homemade horseradish sauce! Both gNOMes thoroughly enjoyed this side dish, indeed it makes a good snack to complete the whole deal. The horseradish sauce is to kill for.

Oinkz Braised Spicy Pork Belly [RM10] 

This dish holds a “3 cili rating” on the menu, and true to its’ word, this dish spares no mercy. Oinkz specially braised pork belly with LOADS of chilli padi and sour plum sauce.  With caramelized onions that just give it all that trademark fragrance. This is a MUST TRY! However be warned the high level of spiciness.

The Godfather [RM17] + Combo Set [RM4]

The Godfather, the don of all burgers, features double the patties & bacons topped with cheese and egg. The combo set, with an additional RM4 comes with skinned cut fries and a drink. Indeed he is tough to take on. A very filling but satisfying burger. It took the joint effort of 2 gNOMes and 1 more guest gNOMe to comfortably digest all of it. The skinned cut fries was nice, however it could’ve been a little hotter. The cheese melted on the well-seasoned patty was just wow.

Verdict : Great burgers and equally as good starters. Caramelized onions are

How to get there :

Address : Jalan 17/38, Section 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya

Contact Number : +6019-612 8060

Opening Hours : Fridays to Sundays. 1800 hours till 2300 hours.

Facebook here


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