The gNOMes’ Top 10 Finds in 2014

Before Year 2014 bids us goodbye, the gNOMes burnt midnight oil to come up with this piece. Our Top 10 finds for this beautiful, blessed year 🙂 This year has been really kind to us, an exciting journey stumbling upon GOOD, MOUTH-WATERING food.

Though still a long way to go in this Food Excursion, both gNOMes are foreseeing a more adventurous and exciting journey in Year 2015. Hooray! We had very interesting food trips be it locally or overseas, invited food reviews, incognito reviews at restaurants, random finds, and recommendations.

With this, we present to you, our Top 10 Finds for Year 2014 (in no particular order whatsoever) 😀


1. Indian Rice Selera Wawasan SS3

The one type of food all Malaysian will crave for at various times in a single calendar year is undoubtedly Indian Rice. This shop is popular with the locals, but somehow isn’t widely known to the public (and we wonder why!). Killer taste, brilliant pricing. This definitely has helped re-define Indian rice for the gNOMes. Come early to feast on a plate of delectable Indian dishes which is bound to leave you satisfied.

Embrace the Indian in you : Indian Rice Selera Wawasan SS3

2. Gyuniku Signature

A bowl of sweet yet savoury beef bone cooked to perfection. Chunks of New Zealand beef falling off the bone laced with a hint of sweet and sour soup base cooked for hours. Gyuniku Signature is a famous household name that boasts of good beef delicacies that is sure to please the palates. Besides their famous ‘Sup Tulang’, Gyuniku has a wide array of beef dishes ranging from Stir Fried Black Pepper Beef Rice to their signature Mixed Beef Keow Teow Soup Special.

In the MOO-d for beef? : Gyuniku Signature TTDI

3. El Cerdo, Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL

This is one definite MUST EAT place if you are in KL, for non-muslims. Practically EVERYTHING served here is top class in taste. Try it for yourself, ’nuff said. But be prepared to pay top dollar for a decent meal here, but all is well when the meat hits the palates. An enjoyable “nose to tail” porcine experience.

Oink your way & drool right here: El Cerdo, Changkat Bukit Bintang

4. The Myth Curry Fish Head, Penang

When one thinks about good food, where else to look but in Penang? From our limited trips to Penang this year, this was one of the main things we just had to share about. This is the best fish head curry ever. Thick curry base, fragrant and very flavourful, coupled with shavings of raw onion, okra (ladies finger) and mint leaves. So much so, we dare any gNOMes out there to challenge that title. MUST EAT! GO TRY! MIND BLOWN 😀

Swim your way here : The Myth Fish Head Curry, Penang

5. Little Wonton, TTDI, KL

Little Wonton started from their first outlet in Bangsar, with the 2nd one being in TTDI. Decorated in post colonial China style with retro propaganda, this shop serves good air-fried wonton and even better charcoal noodles. Hidden among several famous shops in TTDI, this is one hidden gem. Handmade charcoal noodles without flour and eggs, this meal screams NATURAL! Looking for a healthy yet affordable dinner? This is the place to be. And oh, don’t forget the air fried wontons while you are at it.

Wonder your way into : Little Wonton TTDI

6. Strangers At 47, Section 17, PJ

Interesting food executed well enough to make the taste buds go “Yum!”. Also a good place to hang out with friends who just crave a breath of fresh air. A good selection of savoury and sweet crepes to satisfy the tastebuds. “Shore to Please” has been our favourite, it’ll SHORE to PLEASE you on your gloomy days!

Meet new strangers here : Strangers At 47, Section 17, PJ

7. In Colonial, The Intermark

Serving a brilliant selection of food, this place is suitable for not only casual dining, but also various types of functions. From company courtesy calls to wedding dinners. Located in the heart of KLCC. Very well executed Chinese influenced dishes that are definitely delectable. And oh, did we mention that the finger food here (in picture) is to die for? Chinese Spring Rolls stuffed with Swiss Cheese, and we say, YUMS!

Colonize your tastebuds over here : In Colonial, The Intermark

8. 7th Mile Kitchen, Kelana Jaya, PJ

This is LAKSA!!
This is LAKSA!!

For those who are from Sarawak, or have been to Sarawak, you surely must have missed the taste of Sarawak Laksa, Mee Kolok, Tomato mee, etc. Well, if you don’t already know of this place, it is time you did! To make this simple, when dining here one is almost transported to Kuching! Enough to satisfy your Sarawakian cravings prior to boarding the plane home. Speak Hokkien or Foochow dialect to the owners to add to the feel.

Feel the nostalgia at : 7th Mile Kitchen, Kelana Jaya, PJ

9. Noodle Descendents, Kuching, Sarawak

Out of the many things in Kuching, this was one that really still gets the gNOMes drooling. One of the many things a proper gNOMe doesn’t really fancy is queuing up for long hours to enter a restaurant. But this has gotten us queuing over and over again. Homemade springy noodles, tossed with lard and fried onions. Down the noodles with a bowl of yummy-licious porky ingredients.

Descend your way to : The gNOMes’ guide to pigging out in Kuching

10. Peruvie – Peruvian Grilled Chicken

The common line used to describe this place is, “like Nando’s, but better,” the gNOMes do not disagree with that notion. Nevertheless, contrary to popular belief, this place is not a Nando’s competitor. The chicken is one of the main attractions, but do try many of the other authentic Peruvian dishes. The food here is prepared out of a great love for food, and the Sangria, Madre Mia!

Winner winner, chicken dinner : Peruvie – Peruvian Grilled Chicken, TTDI

Disclaimer : The list is by no means, numbered according to our preference. If these restaurants have made it into the list, they definitely deserve a 2nd/3rd/4th/many more visits from us. There have been many wonderful restaurants that marginally did not make the list, doesn’t mean they aren’t better or equally as good as some on here, just that we decided to limit it to 10.


Phew! A rather long post isn’t it? Anyway, TheGardenNom would like to wish her readers a Blessed New Year 2015, and may all you gNOMers continue to NOM your way throughout a gastroNOMical year!

Eat Lots & Prosper.

TheGardenNom 😉


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